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Old 10-20-2013, 06:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Zoo View Post
That's pretty much what my breeder did, though, so I see that as a valid perspective...

I just posted above that my breeder took 7 months to grant permission to spay my bitch... during this conflict, I was asked to test heart/hips/eyes and I declined to do so. My understanding is that they haven't health tested the bitch they bred this year that is a sibling to mine, so they actually planned to use my health testing as a feather in their cap (plus my showing my dog to championship 2 years prior, which was supposed to have removed co-ownership).
Not knowing your breeder, they could be a poo head. But there are valid reasons for some things.

They may have wanted to make sure the breeding from their hold back was going to take before spaying her litter sisters. A lot of things can go wrong in a breeding, and there are a lot of problems that can prevent a bitch from being able to get pregnant that are difficult/impossible to screen for.

Or they might be controlling.

And not knowing what your friend's contract says, it's really hard to pass any judgement on that situation. I've sold puppies from a litter. Some of those girls are nice enough to show and finish, but not the best examples of the litter and I don't want them bred/would never sign off on a litter out of them.

If I knew a puppy buyer was actively planning a litter when I expressly didn't want a bitch bred, heck yes I would never remove myself from a co ownership of that dog or allow the litter to be registered.

Also, breeders should know their lines and the other lines in the breed pretty well. There are some gorgeous borzoi lines out there I would never allow a dog I owned/co owned to be bred to because of not very obvious issues, like cancer, bloat, missing teeth, genetic shyness, structural problems, etc. If your friend was picking a stud without the breeder's input, it's definitely possible they're trying to match non compatible lines without realizing it and the breeder is trying prevent bringing health problems into their lines.

That said, if your contract says ownership would be signed over after her spay, I really don't see a reason for them not to. :-/ And I'm not saying that these are your breeder's motivations, just that sometimes breeders do have legitimate reasons for the decisions they make on co ownerships, even if the other half of the co ownership can't see it or doesn't agree.
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