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Old 10-15-2013, 05:41 PM
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Default Mal Vs Dutchie

Thoughts? How do they differ?

I'm starting to put some serious thought into nextdog and I have to say, I now know it won't be the BC I thought it would be. I know a lot of people I work with would facepalm if they watched me get something without the plan to train it to bite things. lol

I always looked at Mal's as one of my "one day - when I know more" breeds and I had an interest in Schutzhund but again, as a "one day - when I know more" sport.
That being said, I have my dream job I never thought I'd get. I get to work with an excellent trainer most days and have hands on experience with different dogs everyday, all while being critiqued on my handling and making sure I develop better habits.

I've got to dabble with some bitework and scent work and over the next couple of years this will hopefully just be growing and growing to be more a part of the business I work for.

So it made me rethink what the hell dog to get next. Ofcourse I secretly wanted a Mal, but I messed Quinn up so bad that the thought of doing it to a Mal terrified me. (That being said - I see where I went wrong and it would be quite incredible if I managed to make the same mistakes again)
I thought I might play it easy(er?) with a GSD. I've met a lot of pet bred, anxious, whiny, needy, structurally compromised GSD's through work but I've also spent a lot of time around well bred, working dogs and I do like them. I just don't want to have to give my the agility and nimble-ity I have with Quinn.

Nextdog is still at least 18 months off. I want Quinn to be atleast 5, I want more time to keep working on her issues. Plus I look at what I've learnt in the last year and think how much better a dog I raised today would be because of it. Then I think how much better that same dog will be if I wait a little longer.

So for now I am leaning towards either a Mal or Dutchie. Temperament is of utmost importance to me as it will have to live with the little miss bitchface. Finding the right breeder and getting them to find me the perfect pup is going to be my main focus but I was just wondering what people that have had more experience with both breeds think.

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