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Old 10-13-2013, 07:21 PM
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Dog's Name: Quinn
Dog's Breed: English Shepherd
Collar Size: 15.5". I think 3/4" or 1" (or anything in between) fits her best.
Favourite Treat: Pretty much anything! She loves the freeze dried Orijen treats (especially boar, but I think she'd like anything). Long lasting treats like himalayan chews, trachea, bully sticks and fish skins are also good. She's not picky at all, really.
Favourite Toy: Again, she pretty much loves anything. Her favorite is her sheepskin tug (she likes fur too) but she also likes balls, tennis balls, stuffies, bumpers, and Frisbees too.
Treats they cannot have: No rawhide or China products please! Good grains are fine as long as its not "junk food". Oh, and she doesn't like Zukes!
Toys they won't use: She doesn't like super hard toys or anything too big (unless it's a soft stuffy).
Anything else!: Turquoise, teal, dark pink (like a raspberry tone) and hot pink are my preferred colors for her! We also LOVE anything sheep or fox themed <3 We do herding and agility, so use/could use a slip lead, fleece martigale/lead combo, tugs, treat bags you can toss/tug etc

Clothing Size
Back length: 25"
leg length: not sure
chest size: 26"
neck size: 15.5"
She is very difficult to fit though and I don't generally put clothes on her.

I'll also include the new kid because he's exciting, even if he is technically my mom's...

Dog's Name: Ned
Dog's Breed: Australian Koolie
Collar Size: 11" and growing currently. He has a ton of puppy collars, but I figure he'll probably mature to a 14"-15" collar. Probably 3/4" to 1" like Quinn.
Favourite Treat: Pretty much anything soft and/or easy to chew. And smelly. He likes the same long lasting treats as Quinn. Be assured that anything he won't eat Quinn and/or Dally will love!
Favourite Toy: He will play with anything. His favorites are things that make noise - like water bottle toys or cat toys with crinkly paper or bells inside. He likes to tug. He likes anything!
Treats they cannot have: No rawhide or China products please! Good grains are fine as long as its not "junk food".
Toys they won't use: Not sure. I'm assuming not anything extremely hard or heavy...but again, he'll play with anything.
Anything else!: He doesn't have an official color or anything but I know my mom like turquoise, blues and orange on him. Maybe yellow. She does not like red lol. He is named after Ned Kelly, so anything Australian or outlaw (guns, etc) themed is perfect! Sheep stuff is cool too! He already plays in the freezing cold pond so I think he's going to be a total water dog too. Hoping he'll grow up to be a badass herding and agility dog!

Clothing Size
Back length: 14.5"
leg length: not sure
chest size: 19"
neck size: 11"
He's the one that actually gets cold (not Quinn) but he is growing so fast I don't know what size he'll be come Christmas!

Your favourite colour(s): I love turquoise, blues, and grey. Floral patterns too.
foodstuff you do not like (for humans!): Licorice, super spicy cinnamon, jelly beans or marshmallow. Everything else is great!

Thank you!!

Quinn - English Shepherd

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