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Old 10-01-2013, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
Yay Jackson! We need video. I really like my new trainer too for that reason. She points out when I do stupid stuff, which is often.

So back to practicing in your yard my neighbors came up to me today. I have to work in the front because Mia has this stepping in poop aversion and was shutting down in the back yard. (because back yard = potty to her). I moved to the front and voila! She's back to being engaged and happy.

Anyways, I had 6 poles and a jump and we were working weaves/entrances in an open channel. I'd like to start Summer in AKC this winter and MAYBE Mia too. They came up and asked 'So.... are you training them or something?'

I was like.... uh.... yes?

I mean what else would I be doing? Nah, they're teaching me to run beside them while they jump.

Anyways they asked a bunch of questions, mostly about Summer (like her name and everything). I said I competed and had just started competing just to try to make it make more sense and she asked 'Why did you decide to start doing this?'

I.... don't know! LOL

With the good weather people are walking by a lot and I get a LOT of stares. Yeah, I know.... PVC obstacle courses with dogs are weird. I think why it doesn't matter at class and trials is that the people there 'get it'. Whereas non dog people have no idea what they're looking at.

In other news we have a USDAA games workshop this weekend. I am at least going to audit but am not sure about a working spot. You get to run a full gamblers run and a full snookers. I am contemplating entering Summer assuming that there IS a working spot left since I'm being last minute.
I will try to get video next class!

and I can imagine peoples face. Thankfully I live so rural, we don't really have neighbors that can see our yard easily, haha, so nobody has ever stared or asked questions.
Brit & Jackson

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