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Old 02-25-2005, 08:23 PM
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Default Pakak and the Car Ride lol

Well my camera was finally full (not only pics of Pakak mind you but other dogs of mine my hamster and my cockatiel and cats lol) so i figured i would go for a drive into town. I decided that Pakak and Babe could come along (I own a old jeep) since i would only be a sec in the drugstore and planned on walking them around a bit.

So i got ready to go and got Pakak and Babe on their leashes and was saying the typical thing many dog owners says "wanna go bye byes? wanna go bye byes!!??" lol and of course they were all excited. So we got in the car and it was all good we all got along down the drive until we reached the road and boy if you ever heard such a fit!!! First Pakak started whining and pawing at the back door and then when i yelled at him to stop he starting frantically yelping!!!! I also had Babe in the front seat and she started yelping too i think probley because Pakak was . I was already a good ways down and the road and did'nt want Pakak to be shut up in a room while I was gone and figured he would be fine once we got out of the car in town. So then Pakak starts running all over the compact like jeep lol. And babe was on her hind legs looking at him runing back and forth and barking like mad! Eventually I got to a stop sign and grabbed Babes coller and toder her to sit and stay yeah that worked for like a second. By the time we got to the drug store Pakak was panting and Babe was in a frenzy. I let them both out of the car on their leashes and decided I would walk them around a bit in town get them some water. Pakak turned into a completely different pup once out of the car he was happy and playful and happy to see everyone who walked by. It was weird because I had Pakak in the car the day I got him and he was so calm he passed out in the back seat . I walked them around for a good hour checking out shop windows and looking to make sure Babes found dog fliers were still up (im taking them down Monday) and they were. finally i decided to put them in the car while i dropped off my camera I was ready for al hell to break loose but it did'nt. once i got in and out of the store I came back to two sleeping dogs in the car .

The whole car ride home was rather peaceful and it surprised me lol. Im assuming that maybe it just excited Pakak to have Babe in the car and vise versa since he hadent panicked like that before. It was very interesting though.

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Old 02-25-2005, 08:43 PM
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maybe he saw something out of the window that u didn't. Victor about whacks his head when he sees a squirrel, especially if it is a crow.
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Old 02-25-2005, 10:24 PM
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Think about what happened to Pakak the last time he took a ride in a car . . . he got "taken away." Once the drive stopped and the excitement of a walk on a leash (with you securely on the other end!) got his attention he was all right, and then when all of you got back in the car together and he didn't get left behind he could quit being afraid of getting left somewhere.

He may still have some fears the next few times you take him, but the more you go and he doesn't get left behind, the quicker his fear will abate.

I really feel for you in the Jeep. I've got an old '79 Renegade. Not much room for dogs to go crazy in them!
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Old 02-25-2005, 10:32 PM
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Mary never goes crazy, she just sits there with her muzzle by the window, soaking up the warm sun and watching the world go by...Victor is on point as soon as the car is rolling..his running in place cracks me up..his feet work a pattering sound
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