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Old 09-04-2013, 01:25 PM
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Default Making the tough decisions

After recently introducing myself to the boards with news of an Aussie puppy on way, my boyfriend and I are now about to walk away from the breeder/litter we have a deposit with. I wanted to share the experience with people looking for a breeder for any breed, to hopefully learn from!

I placed a deposit on a litter from a breeder who seemed reputable, but something was just not right - can't explain it other than a strange gut feeling. It wasn't that obvious either, just a very dull anxiety..

I continued to research despite already having money down on a pup. And honestly, I didn't really find anything to be concerned about. Actually I didn't find anything at all. Suddenly, it was becoming obvious that I wasn't going to be able to get the inside scoop from the outside.

I began to talk to experienced people within the Aussie community, on boards like these and even then, no one identified any red flags but no one had any specific feedback on this breeder. So I went ahead and visited the litter. I played with them, held them, let them lick my face. One of these adorable puppies was going to be mine. I started envisioning which one would come home with me, I started to love it even. But something still wasn't right.

I continued to ask people, I even asked other breeders. Finally, I found real feedback and it wasn't good. So now, I'm about to walk away from the litter I feel like I know and give up a chunk of money.

Yet there is hope. After feeling like I made the right choice, to feeling confused and lost, I'm back at square one. However, this time I have some solid leads on amazing breeders I would trust to hand me a pup while blind folded. When speaking with these prospective breeders, I feel a sense of honesty and I am 100% comfortable and I know the deposit I am giving up, isn't "being thrown out" but being invested in something I can trust.

I have seen buyers be advised to walk away from their breeders on this and other forums, and the buyer hesitate, not listen, argue, feel down, reluctantly agree, etc. I wanted to post this to be a learning for those who find themselves in my situation - that as hard as it is, things will be better and that making this tough decision really is worth it. I am confident that there is a puppy out there for me that I won't have a funny feeling about or even a question.

I also wanted to reiterate the point everyone always makes. We know research beforehand is important but as I've learned, some breeds are harder to navigate than others, some communities are tighter lipped (for example, I feel very comfortable with Border Collie lines and pedigrees) and in these cases, you need to talk to those IN when you're still on the outside. These people have been invaluable to me and I am forever grateful.

If I'm honest, I want a puppy RIGHT.NOW. I feel a little crazy walking away from a puppy I could have in a month. BUT I know waiting will be worth it, even if it takes 2 months longer, 4 months longer or a year longer than we planned. So on wards I go. Puppy plans are still in motion, if a little delayed
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