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Old 08-28-2013, 11:15 PM
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Default Rat question

So, the Mr. Rat I brought home about a week go went to his lovely new home today. She has multiple ratties and loves working with the difficult ones, and I think he will be in brilliant hands.

But, on my way home, I couldn't help myself. So....this guy:

The cutest, sweetest blue dumbo male. About 6-8 months old, supposedly. He's going in to work Tuesday to get neutered, and he has a case of the sneezes right now. He was in with a TON of other rats of various ages from various litters, so I'm sure he caught something.

Now, I have a conundrum. I don't really want more than one rat. BUT, I know they are a species that "does better in pairs". So, I'd like to know if they are an animal that NEEDS to be kept in pairs, or if they are merely "happier" in pairs. I have had a single mouse, single Guinea Pigs (twice), and also a single ferret. All of those species "do better in pairs", but my single animals did just fine with other forms of enrichment. (And I've had pairs of all of those species, too, so I know comparatively how they act with a buddy versus alone.)

Would I be doing him a huge disservice by keeping him as a single rattie, but providing plenty of enrichment and socialization?
And if I were to get him a buddy, I would get one from the same cage he was in at the petstore...but is there a set amount of time I would have to bring one of them home to make the introduction go smoothly? Aka, would he remember the rats he was with?

I have a feeling if I end up with two, Mike will kill me.
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