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Old 08-05-2013, 01:26 PM
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Default Help with preventing puppy jumping and biting with Toddler with Autism.

Hello all,

We have recently got a Beagle puppy, which is 10 weeks on Wednesday. We also have a 3 year old non-verbal autistic son who runs and jumps about a lot. Normally this is fine as due to his autism he pays little attention to whats around him quite a bit, but occasionally the pup will jump and try to nip at our little ones feet, which causes him to scream and become very upset, which seems to egg her on to do it more. This is normally when our toddler is/has been running and she thinks its play time. but unfortunately our son doesn't see it this way.

Meal times is just as bad as she tries to jump up and eat from the little table we have for him.

We do not want to give up the puppy as shes adorable and in general very well behaved, and generally unless tired or over excited very passive with us and only bites gently, but with our toddler its different and we cant get him involved in bite inhibition training as hes hasn't got the understanding or awareness to really get what is going on, plus on the long-term side we know the dog will be a wonderful companion for him, and possibly looking on doing some autism specific dog training here in the UK should it become available in our area.

Any advice we can get on this would be greatly appreciated.
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