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Old 07-17-2013, 11:47 AM
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It's a thing around here but only for the rich kids. Nothing like on the TV show obviously, if there were anybody THAT rich around here they wouldn't be going to the public schools. But big parties, and always a brand new car.

Not the sort of people I hung out with to the point of being invited to their super fancy birthday parties, but people heard about them through the halls of school. A few girls had their parents book hotel rooms for them and their friends in bigger cities (Chicago or St. Louis) and they "did Chicago" or whatever.

I don't even remember my 16th birthday. I think I went to the mall with my best friend maybe?

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Old 07-17-2013, 12:12 PM
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Not a thing around here. I hung out at the lake with my dog and friend.

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Old 07-17-2013, 12:14 PM
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I didn't have one, just a regular birthday. Generally speaking, we don't do big birthday parties for our kids either.......cake, ice cream, gifts and whatever friends/family happen to be hanging around ATM.

For our two girls (now 20 + 21) they had the choice of a big 16th birthday party or take a few close friends to a hotel for a night. They both picked the hotel.....fine with us! LOL, we saved $ AND mom/dad had more fun at the hotel too! (the hotel had ping pong, air hockey, video games, pool table, pool and jacuzzi right outside our room)

And I know boys don't have 'sweet 16' but since we try our best to run a house of equality, we gave our boys the same choice the girls had. Ironically, both boys (we have 3 but one is only 13) picked party over hotel! Oldest son had the skate park rented out for the day and had a huge party, and the middle boy had a huge cook out at the park with lots of friends and, of all things..........LARPING even took place! LOL

If I had predicted, I would have totally thought the girls would do parties and the boys would have picked hotel. I honestly can't say which way the remaining boy will go, but I'm hoping HOTEL! LOL
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Old 07-17-2013, 12:22 PM
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My 16th birthday I just had a bunch of friends over in my basement and we all just hung out. Another year my best friend and I threw ourselves a big birthday bash (our birthdays are two days apart) in the backyard. We brought my stereo out and hooked it all up and put up lights and stuff and had a bunch of friends come and hang out. Nothing fancy.

When the time comes if Hannah wants a party she can have one but it will be Friends come over, have food, cake, hang out and do whatever. Again, nothing fancy. or maybe we'll just go to Disney for her sweet 16 LOL

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