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Old 07-17-2013, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
Just because someone doesn't treat their dogs like they are made of glass doesn't mean they are a bad person.

My dogs come in at night or when I am not home to nice plush beds (or in buddy's case a crate) they get fed the best food I can afford & get RMB's twice a week. I make sure they are get all the mental & physically activity they need / want. They stay outside because they LIKE it out there.

I wonder what your requirements are for owning a dog :/
Well, since you asked...

I lived on a ranch growing up. So I know for a fact that its not the safest environment for a dog to be out all the time... There are coyotes, fox, hawks, cougars, rattle snakes, etc where I lived, and IME, a fence doesn't keep out anything that doesn't want to be kept out, it also doesn't necessairily keep things IN that don't want to be in. So to be outside on a ranch unsupervised for any amount of time IMO is a bad idea (Its not the best idea in the city either, where you have asshat neighbors like mine who threaten to shoot your dogs, thus, until we move, I go out with them EVERY TIME they go out). I get on my sister for this too. Its asking for something bad to happen. Dogs aren't the top of the food chain, at least not in Arizona.

You live in Texas. Its hot in Texas. Shade and water or not, its still not good for their system to be out in the heat all the time. Where we lived in Texas it got to be 115, and even in the shade at least 105. So its not a question of weather or not they "like" it. Its a question of safety. Not all dogs will drink when they need to and heatstroke is a factor. Some parts of Texas also get snow in the winter... So, now frostbite is a concern.

I can't even think of some of the other things you've said that have made me cringe before, but pertaining to this thread, THOSE are the problems I have. In SOME respects having dogs is like having kids... Just because THEY want / like something doesn't make it right, and its on you to make the right call. If your dogs are out in Texas summer heat, you're not taking proper care of your dogs. Its not all about food and blah blah blah, its about being smart and educated.
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