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Old 06-26-2013, 02:47 PM
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1 bedroom apartment.

I clean for 30 minutes every day. I set a timer and GO! What gets done in 30 minutes, gets done. The end. Nothing is so crucial that it can't wait until the next day. It keeps me sane.

The only exception is when we have people over on weekends. I LOVE having people over, it's super fun. BUT it means there is always a mess on Mondays. Like, whole kitchen full of dishes and stuff mess. Not my favorite, but I'd rather have people over and deal with it on Monday, then not have people over. So I deal with it

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Old 06-26-2013, 02:52 PM
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Ooh, that's a really good idea, Lauren!

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Old 06-26-2013, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by JessLough View Post
Nobody in this house cleans, and it drives me crazy. I've kind of given up on it, to be honest. I'll just be twitchy about it. My siblings, both adults, won't even put their garbage in the trash, or do their dishes. I want to stab them every time.
This was my house before too, as Jess can attest. Having fratboy roomies drove me insane and I gave up on keeping up with them.

Now, in my own place... which is about 1400 sf, 3 bedrooms with finished basement, mostly hardwood/lino with a small carpeted patch in the basement:

Sweep/Mop/Vacuum: Sweep most days, after cleaning critter cages I do a full sweep. Mop once a week, vacuum once a week.
Bathrooms: My regular bath gets spot cleaned as needed, full clean the first of every month. The downstairs bathroom is used sparingly so it's cleaned as needed.
Dog poop: Weekly-ish. His pooping space is small so I tend to clean more frequently than when we had our big grassy yard. The small pets get spot cleaned daily, full cleans every two weeks or so.
Lawncare: Once weekly. Run the push mower and trim things a bit.
Counters: After every food prep. I love a tidy kitchen space.
Linens: All bedding, pet and otherwise, is done once every two weeks.

It's a lot of work but a clean house is my reward. I love it.

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Old 06-27-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Julee View Post
Those who have the robot vacuums, do they work well? When I was younger I had a friend who had one, and while it was awesome, it'd get mad if it ran into something and just stop.
We had a roomba for a while but it could only vacuum pretty much one room and al the dog hair would clog up the system and the brushes would be completely wound with hair. Then we had to take it apart, cut and strip away the hair stuck on it and let it do the next room...
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Old 06-27-2013, 12:34 PM
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My current house is 3 bdrm, 2 bathroom and 2 ppl + 1 dog live here. Buuut we're not the neatest people and we don't clean as much as we probably should lol.

Vacuum: every 1-2 weeks, whenever we're not busy because we have 3 flights of carpeted stairs and it takes quite a while to do the whole house.

Bathrooms: every few days the toilets are scrubbed, wiping counters in the bathroom and stuff we usually do before guests come over so probably every 2 weeks.

Dog poop/lawn: not applicable. We don't let nia poop in the yard, we walk her and poop is picked up and thrown away immediately on our walks. Lawn is done every week in the summer but someone else does it for us.

Linens: every 1-2 weeks.

However, we're really not that into cleaning lol. Compared to my aunt's house where I used to live, even though they have a 7 bedroom, 6 floor, 5 bathroom house. There's 5 people and 2 dogs living there. But they cannot stand any kind of messiness whatsoever. For them it was extremely different despite the house being so big.

For them it's

Vacuum: every other day. All 6 levels of stairs too.

Bathroom; every single day all bathrooms have to be scrubbed, all surfaces wiped, floor mopped. Also even during the day between cleanings, the water has to be wiped off the sink and faucets after anyone uses the bathroom. Same thing with shower booths, after use it has to be squeegeed and wiped, even the kids know that. No water stains are allowed in the bathroom sinks or showers.

Dog poop/lawn: not applicable again, walk the dogs and have no lawn.

Linens: every 3 days everyone does a full change.

For their house literally someone has to clean between 4-6 hours every day to keep up to the cleanliness standards of the household. We sometimes have someone do it, sometimes my retired grandma does it herself.
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Old 06-27-2013, 11:28 PM
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2500ish sqft, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, two people, two dogs, one cat, and two birds. Mostly carpet, with tile kitchen, bathroom, and large entryway.

Sweep/Mop/Vacuum: All gets done weekly. Spot cleaning in between.
Bathrooms: Full cleaning weekly, wiped down daily.
Dog poop: When I feel like it. They mostly poop on walks.
Lawn care: Whenever the parental figure feels like doing it.
Counters: Constantly. I can't stand dirty dishes or dirty counters.
Linens: Weekly. Especially dog bedding.
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Old 06-27-2013, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Julee View Post
How does one mop hardwood without messing it up?
Shark steam mop!! <3333 almost as much as my robot vacuum.

Cleans paw prints off tile and wood like magic.

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Old 06-30-2013, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Julee View Post
How often do you sweep/vacuum/mop/etc, clean bathroom, pick up dog poop, mow the lawn, wipe down counters, wash linens and dog beds, etc? How big is your house, how many beds/baths, how many people and animals living there?
I work full-time overnights and when I come home, I'm usually not in the mood to even THINK of cleaning, so I do almost all of my weekly cleaning on my two days off per week. I clean the kitchen every day (wiping down counters, dishes, making sure everything is sanitary, etc) but stuff like laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming etc is saved for every sunday or Monday, when I don't have to worry about getting enough sleep during the day.

Three people (me, female, slovenly; roomie 1, male, neat freak; roomie 2, male, slightly less slovenly than me) and my dog live here in a small 2-bedroom apartment.
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Old 06-30-2013, 06:27 PM
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Our ranch house isn't that hard, it only has carpet in 2 rooms & linoleum in the other higher traffic areas (kitchen, laundry room, my room when I am there) so I kind of sweep up with a broom daily (the dirt there is sand do us & the animals track a lot of stuff in) but all in all it is a pretty easy house to clean.

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