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Old 06-26-2013, 06:50 PM
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It is a good read though, and I think it adds to what one person said on this thread about people who make their "rescued dog" their persona. How many dogs would be in our shelters if people adopted them instead of these imported ones?? Is the dog born in this country more deserving of a home? Do people adopt the imported ones for bragging rights? I know many people, as im sure we all do, who use the "well hes a rescue" as an excuse for its behaviour.
Speaking for our area, "imported" dogs, either from out of state or out of country are pretty much the only dogs you are going to find for adoption. We don't have an overpopulation issue in our area. At one point a few years ago, when my friend's fairly new rescue hit 100 dogs adopted, she actually looked back. Something like 11 were local dogs. She take surrenders, plus strays from various towns that she adopts out if they aren't claimed...and 11 were local. 89 were "imported". Mostly from southern states. She also gets dogs in from Puerto Rico.

The dogs from Puerto Rico are shipped here by the rescue there. I believe they are all spayed/neutered/vaccinated when they arrive. They are, generally speaking, a very adoptable type of dog for our area (small to medium sized, young, friendly). She spends no more in "resources" than she does on local dogs (less, probably, since the few that come in locally are rarely neutered and have unknown vax histories). Who loses here? I actually will strongly consider a PR dog when I get my next dog; there have been a few who were really appealing to me.

Meg was "imported" from out of state (West Virginia). I talked to my friend about what I was looking for, we poured over some pictures of dogs that were in overcrowded shelters looking to be moved out, and picked out one who fit the general idea of what I wanted. If I'd waited to find a dog fitting those needs locally, I probably would have had to look for months and months.

I don't judge people who go to good breeders. I barely judge people who go to bad breeders. If you get a rescue, from down the street, across the country, or halfway around the world, that's cool too. Give the dog a wonderful life, where ever it is from. Yes, I might think a bit more of people who get a rescue and really do something with it, because that is my thing and a cause I support and it makes me happy. But if it isn't your thing, and your thing is supporting the great breeders who do their best by their breed, that's fine with me.

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