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Old 06-24-2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Fran101 View Post
I am all about fandoms being crazy.
I read harry potter fanfiction ALL THE TIME (dracoxharry, all kinds of things) but those are characters, in a book, and as characters I feel that they can be shaped and changed and made to say/do things because it's not like you are really harming or disregarding a real person with their own thoughts.. they are an IDEA, open to interpretation.

but IMO shipping real people, more-so than me just thinking it's weird, just seems..I dunno if "disrespectful" would be the right word. I mean we are taking these living human beings and basically forcing these story lines and fantasies on them and disregarding their actual actions and words.

to each their own but to me it just seems so..dehumanizing.

I can understand looking at two celebrities and thinking "they would be so cute together" or "I bet they like eachother.."
but to build up this fantasy and losing sight of the fact that these are REAL PEOPLE with real feelings, friends, relationships, thoughts.. IMO that isn't..healthy..
Pretty much this.

I mean, I'm not going to judge. If I've learned one thing in fandom it's the "I won't judge if you won't judge" but I will say I've never gotten it and it makes me uncomfortable because they are real people. It just FEELS different when you're shipping their character or making up huge plots, story lines and relationships because you're just adding/changing the already existing made up character and world. But when it's a real person? Just feels wrong. Real person fanfiction and ships are just....odd to me and feel more invasive?

ETA: Anyone that likes to read but doesn't get Fanfiction just hasn't found the right fandom or story yet But there is one out there that would make you a believer!
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