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Old 06-24-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Greenmagick View Post
Thank you

I am honestly very saddened by some of the posts here...just disturbing.

AND this is coming from someone who has lots of neighbor children who I DO have to watch and make sure they know not to come into the yard etc because one of my dogs is guardy and anxious around children.

RTH had awesome advice on how to handle it.

I dont know, I grew up in an actual NEIGHBORHOOD...which means being neighborly. We jumped fences all the time to retrieve things or just to shortcut. If anyone had asked us to stop, sure we wouldve. But as long as we werent hurting anything who freaking cares?

(Again, dogs bring a WHOLE different level and I totally understand that angle, I have the same issue. But just because its "MINE" to me is a silly and rude position...again, as long as its for something like ball retrieval etc)
The kids are old enough to understand that you do not wander into other people's fenced in yard. You can keep feeling saddened that people want to protect their property, I feel saddened that people don't care enough to instill respect for other people's property in their children.

Be it for dogs, be it for grass seed someone put down that shouldn't get trampled, it doesn't matter. I would have never done that as a kid.
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