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Old 06-19-2013, 11:12 AM
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Zoe, no. I guess if someone I trusted completely said she should with a certain male, maybe I would, but most likely not at this point.

She is pretty driven, she's pretty balanced. Can chill and relax is the most affectionate dog I have ever met and I'm not just saying that because she's mine Plenty of prey drive, pretty fast, very agile and stable is pretty much any situation I can put her in.

Her greatest attribute is she is smart, not just I teach you this, you learn it smart, but she is amazing at reading people and her willingness to please is almost annoying sometimes She's not perfect, we've had some roadblocks on the most mundane of things in training at times. Example going over a jump, retrieving and coming back....OVER the jump. She kept going around.

This made me question her intelligence but we had done touch pads and she was solid over and back over. One day at a different club, it was hot as hell, 90 and humid, blazing sun, I just wanted to do a quick retrieve, send out and be done. Well she had other plans. She wouldn't jump back over, just ran around on the return.

Of course I'm stubborn and I'm not going to do anything to help her because this was one of those points I decided, she's going to do it, till she figures it out About 20 + jumps later at just over a meter she's done everyone exactly the same and every one when she came back just as she passed the jump not jumping I said NO, and grabbed the DB and did it again.

I've seen many dogs, with much more substance than her start to come down after that many tries with no success, let alone the heat. People are asking if I want help at this point and I'm like, "no, either she quits or she gets it" Like I said, i'm stubborn.

She didn't quit, she didn't even slow down, i'm not joking when every one was as fast and energetic as the first, even with all the verbal No's and zero success. That was about 3 years ago, I don't think she's missed a return jump since

I guess my long winded point is she will go till she drops trying to please. people can argue dogs dont' do that all day long, wait till you own one like her then get back to me Making me happy does make her happy, and she'll groan and melt in my arms when she knows I"m happy. She doesn't shut down when I'm unhappy either, she just keeps trying things with the same gusto as always. I love that about her and wish every dog was like her.

The cons? She's a longcoat, not that I really care about that, she's missing two teeth, but they aren't disqualifying faults. She fits within the standard, beyond that I don't pay attention to how close to the "ideal" conformation a dog is. I think it's a pretty pointless system actually the way ideal is determined. anyway

the biggest reason is, she's more bluff than bite in actual pressure work. Somedays she's a terror and bites hard and full and committed and other days she'd rather sniff you and try and be your friend. To me she lacks that intensity under that pressure and sometimes would rather avoid than confront. I think that makes her better than a lot of regular dogs out there in terms of temperament, but weak when it comes to working dogs. If someone I knew produced great dogs said, i know a male that can fix that, I'd breed her for all the other reasons. Maybe

Yoli I would breed and she will be this fall.

standard wise, she fits it, I explained my views on the standard above. She's smaller, just under 60lbs. She's very fast, very committed, very stable under working pressure. There isn't a threat she won't confront and think she's going to win and her confidence exudes in her gripping behavior and commitment to the bite.

She is also fast and driven. Not sharp, though her mother was. I've worked a lot of related dogs to her and all are pretty similar in their power and strength. I think there is a high likelihood of her reproducing herself.

She is a natural tracker, which is nice, because I hate training tracking

She's very motivated, though differently than Zoe, but makes training pretty easy, but can also add it's own challenges too

The breeding we have planned will have a pretty nice linebreeding IMO being 5-4 on Neck von der Maineiche. Far enough back, but he added a lot of power and commitment to the breed thru a lot of his offspring. Some of them have a bigger name than he does, but that's the goal, produce kids better than yourself and he did. It's also 4-3 on Andy von der Lemper Heide
and 5-4 on Fina vom Hainpark who was the mother to some pretty amazing dogs.

anyway, she's a very compact and well put together dog. I'm excited for this breeding, so I hope it all works out.
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