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Old 06-14-2013, 10:50 PM
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Default Is your dog normal for it's type?

So, wasn't sure where to post it and I know we have some really interesting dogs here.

If you've got a dog that has a type, do you think your dog is normal?

My girls are what I'd consider energetic for a corgi. Miz Naughty is on the higher-drive end of the scale and is shepherd like in temperament. She's intense lol My pup, Lil Sis, is much softer and much more of a lap dog. She has some intensity, but for sure not like her mom.

I'd say mine are friendlier then most Cardigans, though. They never meet a stranger and immediately roll over for belly rubs when meeting new people. Honestly, it's a bit shameful lol

I feel that both of mine are pretty bright, too. I think that's average for Cardigans, because almost every one I've met looks like they're possibly scheming. Crazy like a fox is how I'd describe them <3

As far as watch dogs go, both of mine have ears like satelites and will not hesitate to let you know when someone is at the door. They may not be BIG dogs, but I'd probably think twice about entering a home with two dogs that sounded that pissed off.

Then of course, they meet the person, and it's belly rub time.

I'd like to say that my dogs would never bite anybody. But, I don't know how they'd react if they were startled.

Surprises; all dogs get startled sometimes. I'd say my dogs are...weird. Like Miz Naughty FLIPS OUT when she encounters fire hydrants. I have no idea why. Yet, have crazy baby toys going off all the time and a toddler scooting around and all the craziness of my house and she doesn't bat an eye. Same with my puppy.

Other pets- I think it would be a real problem to try to introduce a cat into the house. Same for bunnies, birds, or anything like that. I think if a pup were raised with them, you would probably be fine. But once they realize that rodents can be prey, it's all over. Cardigans can be kinda feral when it comes to catching poor little animals. :-(

Kids- If raised carefully with kids, Cardigans can be really awesome family dogs. But, I think that maybe compared with a spaniel you'd see a difference. Sometimes, they're just not as tolerant.

Mine are really good with kids. I'm pretty proud of that, actually. Both just really patient and more then that, they enjoy the baby. Especially the puppy. I have a feeling that Lil Sis and Little Buddy are going to be inseperable.

One person dogs- Cardigans tend to bond strongly to one person, and that's their person pretty much for life. I think that because of that, it takes them longer to acclimate to changes in their owner. Miz Naughty and I have been through alot together. For sure. We've moved all over the place; we're nomads! But, we're also best friends and she never had a problem changing environments.

She's *clearly* my dog. Lil Sis belongs to the baby, heart and soul. She is open and sweet and cuddly and tolerant of him in the way that she's not for me and my husband.

So, I've rambled enough lol what about your dogs? Or even if they don't have a type, what are they like in different situations? What do you like? What would you change?

I have to say that if I could change anything, it would be to tone down their reactivity. I don't mean reactivity really, but THEY NOTICE EVERYTHING. I like them to be alert, but they're almost hyper about it. Soooo if you don't like /omgwhatisthatbarkbarkbark then maybe a corgi is not for you

I love 'em. I do. lol
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