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Old 06-10-2013, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
Ok, I already have plans for what Nextdog will be but I was just curious what breeds come to mind when I describe this:

- Size doesn't matter for this really. <50 lbs?

Koolies have a wide range in size as you know but most seem to be between 25-45 lb.
- coat doesn't matter

- Energy level- moderate to high with great off switch. Puts in a lot of effort when need be but also is totally cool to sleep part of the day.

Endless amount of energy and go but a VERY nice inherent off switch. But, that needs to be rewarded and encouraged and busy behavior not rewarded. It would be relatively easy to create a dog with the need to be doing something in them because they do find DOING THINGS rewarding.

Both of mine are sleeping at my feet right now after a day of not getting out at all and no training. And I worked all day. In a few minutes I'll probably take each outside for around 10-15 minutes each and play some disc and do some training and that will be that for the night.

Didgie is a more busy dog but it's in a nice way, she finds bones and chews on them or finds a toy and plays with it. She tends to go lay down on one couch, get up five minutes later and go lay down on another and so on. Traveler doesn't tend to entertain himself but rather just goes into stasis mode where he quietly waits for me to move.

And you will never be able to think about getting up without your dog being right there and ready to do things with you.

Overall Didgie and Traveler probably get individually 2-3 off leash hikes a week and 2-3 bike rides a week during spring/summer/fall. They also tend to get either disc play and/or flirt pole for a little bit daily. That being said, it's not a stretch to say that sometimes they go a week without really getting anything and during the winter I go into hibernation and they don't get anywhere near what they probably should. They deal incredibly well with that though.

Didgie is a more busy dog but it's in a nice way, she finds bones and chews on them or finds a toy and plays with it. She tends to go lay down on one couch, get up five minutes later and go lay down on another and so on. Traveler doesn't tend to entertain himself but rather just goes into stasis mode where he quietly waits for me to move.

- Extremely high biddability and desire to work with you.

One the my favorite things with them is how much they love and enjoy doing things with you. Happy dogs that seem to just enjoy life to the fullest and everything you do or they do is done because it's a joy rather than a job. I think if I had to use one word to describe them it would be enthusiasm about life.

Traveler works incredibly hard to make me happy and Didgie is more female in the respect that she doesn't look at me like I hung the moon and stars but she still really loves working with and for me and derives a lot of pleasure out of it.

They don't give up and they don't get bored. But they do get frustrated.

- Some sort of high useable drive (for us it's food but could be anything. Doesn't need to be mal level or anything. But at any rate a dog that is easily motivated)

What I also like is that both are easy to reward. I can use a ball, a tug, food or a YIPEE!! Didgie has a lot more varied drives switches more easily between then Traveler but I think that has some to do with who they are naturally but more to do with what I know now vs when I got Traveler.

- Extremely people friendly. Very outgoing that way.

Traveler tends to be more enthusiastic in his love of everyone and can get overstimulated and Didgie is more into me and what I can give her while out. But, my approach to how they deal with people was done very different between them.

But overall the breed is known to be incredibly people friendly.

- very athletic/likes to jump.

Well, I don't even need to go into that.

- Very suited to agility training/fast. (essentially lightly built)

Some lines are bigger boned than others and you would have to look around for the right overall build but definitely not uncommon in Koolies.

- dog friendliness- not necessarily a dog park dog but can live peacefully with other dogs easily

Both Didgie are dog friendly though rather intense for some dogs. Traveler and Didgie's focus tends to be more on doing things with me when we're out playing but never an issue with aggression. Though, Traveler does have issues with getting attacked or humped all the time by dogs.

- relatively sensitive personality. But also very confident. I am not sure if I am wording that correctly. Not a very hard or sharp kind of dog?

I think that makes sense. Traveler and Didgie both are sensitive to my moods and what I want (Traveler more so than Didgie) but that being said they don't take things to heart or break down because of a correction, but they understand it.

- Very confident with surroundings and new things. Takes everything in stride. Maybe not as prone to needing such extensive socialization like Mia does and a lot of breeds I like do.

Overall a stable breed with fewer nerve issues that you typically see in herding breeds. They can still be twitchy and some lines are more "shy" than others but that's not the ideal. They should and most are outgoing dogs that fear very little. But they are still twitchy herding dogs so react first, think later in a lot of instances. But recover fast.

I never really did socialization with Traveler or Didgie in the sense that I wanted them exposed to everything to make them not afraid. It was more getting them into stimulating environments and working on them keeping their heads and not getting overstimulated by the excitement.

Mine have been exposed to concerts, gun fire, fireworks, storms, trains and never seemed bothered at all. Traveler slept through a firework show at a year old and I'm not sure Didgie noticed fourth of July.

-Happy/up personality. Easily excited, lol. I guess some would say just a touch hyper.

Koolies are happy. It's one of the things I love best about them. Everything is enjoyed, everything is fun and everything needs to happen. They never just say hi they SAY HI!!!! Why walk when you can run? And why sit when you can jump?

- Extremely handler oriented/velcro

Both of mine are cuddlers to an extent. Traveler often curls up in the crook of my legs and sleeps like that at night. Didgie is a draper who sprawls over me often. But they don't NEED to be on me all the time. They like to be on the same couch, by my feet or near more often than not. But I very rarely wake up or watch TV without one of them at some point being next to me.

They are always in the room with me, always know where I am and the amount of times one has landed on my while I'm on the toilet is slightly embarrassing.

It does cause some issues when one is being worked or taken out and the other isn't. They tend to be crated for that reason.

Bonus: toy drive and likes water (which is a trait I don't have at the moment lol)

Koolies as a whole really seem to enjoy water, some take to it faster than others but I don't think I know of a Koolie that doesn't enjoy swimming and fetching by two.
So since Koolies were already recommended I figured I would throw my thoughts in! Answers in purple!
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