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Old 06-10-2013, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Shai View Post
Yeah and honestly for some reason I'm not really sure you'd enjoy a FCR or retriever lol. But on paper a good working retriever does pretty much fit your reqs.
Me either. lol The goldens seem to fit on paper and I really really do like them as dogs but for some reason they just feel so foreign compared to what I've had. For some reason the idea of a retriever is intimidating.

I do like poodles but their coat type is one that I can't really stand to touch. I know I said coat type didn't matter because I am finding I am outgrowing my disdain for bearded coats so I think I could 'get over' most any coat. I also don't like having to do professional grooming/shaving. I think if I ever got a poodle, it'd be a mini though. For some reason I like them better temperament-wise.

I will take a Siri, please.

English shepherds are very intriguing. I do know the bigger ones would be way too big for me. If I could get a Quinn or a Hudson.... yes please.

Summer is such a great combo but it seems relatively hard to find. Most dogs that fly as fast as she does on an agility course seem to be a lot more to handle off of it. She is like the easiest agility dog in the world. Never any worry about having to coach up her drive, will do anything for a tiny piece of cookie, never any worry about situational things upsetting her, always wanting to play, totally handler oriented, fast but also keeps her head, etc... Maybe I should just chalk it up to her being awesome. I do need to remind myself that when she was younger she wasn't quite as easy and was a bit more wild but always has been a good, even keeled, and bombproof little dog with a great work ethic.

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