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Old 06-06-2013, 03:07 PM
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Default Vet refusing to fill prescription

I am so mad at the vet I was trying I can barely see straight. When I got my new dog I took him in for shots, heartworm test, and microchipping. When the vet walked in he immediately put me off by asking why I would crop my dogs ears, and was I just trying to make him look mean? The dog's ears were cropped when I got him, and cane corsos ears are commonly cropped anyway. Then he was rough with my dog and had to muzzle him because Rugaru didn't take well to the manhandling. Left the vet and went online to order flea/tick treatment and heartworm pills. The company faxed the vet 3 times, twice through an automated service and once by hand. The clinic first said that they didn't receive the fax, then that the fax machine was broken, and when I called today the vet himself told me he won't sign for prescriptions to be filled anywhere but with him as he is cheaper. I advised him of the price I was paying online, and the vet said they couldn't and wouldn't meet or beat the price but also wouldn't allow it to be filled anywhere else. I should be able to get the prescriptions for my dog filled wherever I want to. I took the records all down to my normal vet that is now back in the office and advised them of what happened. Now I have reordered the pills and they will be filled by my normal vet. I will NEVER go back to the other vet. My sister took her pit bull to him previously and had an issue as well. He told her he didn't understand why anyone would have a pit bull they were good for nothing and should all be put down. If I had known that previously I wouldn't have gone to him for Rugaru. I don't appreciate breed stereotypes and prejudices. I just had to vent. Has anyone else ever had a vet refuse to fill a prescription if it's ordered through someone else?
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