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Old 06-02-2013, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Romy View Post
My offer stands if anybody thinks they can rehabilitate Smellycat...
Rehabilitating (aka "fixing" her problems) might not be possible, but have you tried any or all of these things that could help her calm down a bit?

Originally Posted by GoingNowhere View Post
I see no reason why one couldn't build a cat proof fence, buy a cheap harness and leash and take the cat walking or hiking, spend more time training the cat, use an invisible fence, take the cat on trips in the car or a carry bag, build a cat enclosure, use a tie out, or otherwise engage the cat in physical and mental activities... might need to go about it a bit differently than you would with a dog - but cats are intelligent and I don't doubt it's doable.
If you have and said so and I missed it, I do apologize. My brain is all over the place and I keep forgetting what I just read.
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Old 06-04-2013, 07:19 PM
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Well were about to find out how Boozer will do outside... The contractors were here today to install A/C in the "sauna" they call a trailer and Boozer door dashed them...

If I'd known they would be here while I was at the Drs I'd have locked them in a room...

I'm pretty worried because he's not used to the area, and I have tried everything and he's not coming..

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