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Old 06-01-2013, 08:20 PM
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Default Question for those who work for vets

I realize the real answer is that I need to talk to my vet about this, and I will ask when we go back in for Gusto's next laser appointment in 2 weeks. But after reading a few threads, it is back in the forefront of my mind.

Do you always bring dogs "in the back" for blood draws? If an owner requests that you not do so, do you have an issue with it?

I ask because Meg went into full panic at one point when the vet tried to take her out of the room - finally managed to slip her collar and jumped up behind me in the chair and was shaking. The vet just did the blood draw in the room with me, no issues. Since then, I've always just had it done in the room.

The last vet I was at, they asked for the dogs so they could take them out back. I said "It's fine to take Gusto, but Meg needs to be done with me here. She panics otherwise.". They said it was fine, but when the vet could not get a vein in her (and I'm talking several minutes of trying the jugular, both front legs and a hind), he finally just dragged her out back. He said to use a tourniquet, although given some other stuff I learned about him after, I half wonder if he ever got blood at all and just told me her bloodwork was fine.

I hate myself enough for not stepping in and stopping things at the time. I love Gusto's rehab vet so much that I've had both dogs transferred there for their regular vet stuff as well. So far we've only been for Gusto's lameness/laser appointments, which she's done entirely in the room with me (and outside with me watching him move). I will be asking her about whether or not she removes the dogs from the room for anything, but I'm wondering if that is an out-there request to make. Does it upset you if someone asks that? Do you comply?

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