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Old 05-29-2013, 10:38 PM
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Default Need some input.

so I think I need to find a new place to train.
My choices around here are pretty limited, and even moreso if we're judging criteria based on "do they trial? are they any good? do their students trial? are THEY any good?" I can't think of anybody if we're using that criteria.

There is the local club but I don't want to put my dogs on their floor because it's just not very good footing for agility. Also they do not impress me with their knowledge or any of their students. In fact it's the opposite. Honestly, Payton is more talented than a lot of the dogs that have been working with this club for years and he is a baby. Also I've heard some really bad things about their classes.

There is a club that I think does Sunday night classes that I could potentially do. I'm not sure if they would require me to put Payton in their puppy obedience classes and stuff before doing any agility. Also I'm not sure if they would let me skip basic agility (there is no foundations class... sigh) and just start in the intermediate class or not. I would have to e-mail with them and see what we can work out. Their advanced classes are for members only, and that's fine, I am totally cool with taking a class to evaluate the club for me and for them to evaluate Payton. But again, I don't know ANY of their teachers as regular trialing agility people and I do not see students from there regularly trialing and doing anything impressive.
Also it's a three hour round trip. I'm not really sure I can afford to do that regularly with gas at $4/gal, on top of a membership fee and a class fee.

I am not aware of anybody around here who is a regular competitor, trials successful, has students who trial successfully, and does private lessons.

My other option is to just not have a place I train at besides my own backyard. My money instead would be spent on online agility courses, which while I have learned a TON from the ones I have taken so far, I'm not sure if there will be a point where it will cease to be helpful and I could benefit more from somebody physically watching my dog...

I don't know what to do. Any advice please?

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