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Old 05-25-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
I will probably always have a spayed or neutered dog because i will always have at least one rescue or shelter dog at some point or another who will always have the procedure done before they come to me.

But as far as my own dogs, I might wait longer to sterilize, but as long as that remains the cheaper option, that is what I will do.

FWIW for me, who isn't rolling in money, the cheaper option IS the bet for the dogs because I don't want an emergency to catch me short of money because I decided to do the OSS procedure on my female or give my male a vasectomy instead of spay/neuter.

Imagine also how high adoption fees would be if shelters & rescue groups were forced to do OSS/vasectomies instead of the cheaper spay/neuter bdcsuse a few people think that spay/neutering is inhumane or wrong?

Think of me what you like but I will stick with spay/ neutering.
Have to agree.

Unrelated, I hate the sudden emergence of spay snobbery.

Like I've said before here, and I will maintain saying..... As far as I'm concerned spaying, neutering will always be promoted, because average joe don't give a **** about alternatives.

If someone cares, they will look. If they're interested then point them in the right directions. If they just own a dog, then just spay it.
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