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Old 05-16-2013, 03:57 AM
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Default Non-shedding or longhaired breeds

Trying to figure out what route I want to go, as I need to have some idea in mind in the next year or two.

I want a non-shedder, ideally. I am so tired of fur. I hate it. I am tired of bathing,and blow drying, and lint rolling, and keeping the dog off the bed and off my work clothes. If I have to have fur I want a longhair, preferably single-coated - but I can deal with an Aussie type coat.

I want a clingy velcro dog.

I want a dog who is medium to high energy who will keep me active.

I want a dog who is a little sharp. Not all happy and doofy and "yay I love everyone." Not necessarily protective, but a little more engaging than Middie is.

I preferably not want a breed that is known to be excessively barky. Want the ball? Bark. Excited to see you? Bark. Squirrell? Bark. Someone outside? Bark. DO. NOT. WANT. I can work with barking, but when the default behavior is "bark," I am ripping my hair out. (Otherwise I'd be like COLLIES AND AUSSIES YES.)

I am having trouble deciding on a breed that fits these requirements. At all. I want a Dobe, and that's what I keep coming back to. Every time I think about it, that's the perfect temperament.

Every time I come back to coat, I just want a freaking labradoodle-thing. They don't have the ick factor of poodle coats or wire coats )they always feel greasy). They're long and soft and fluffy and usually low-shedding. But I would feel kind of bad for seeking out a designer mutt.
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