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Old 05-14-2013, 11:52 PM
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Default He'd kill me if he could

My mom has a doxi mix. The dog has serious behavioral issues...he tries to attack all most every dog and person he meets. He's usually fine with his human and dog family. According to my mom, he is usually fine with other people too once they get through that first introduction, which is him trying to kill them...but after, he knows them and is cool from then on out.

However I never see this side to him. Every single time I go over there, he is out for blood. He will calm down after a few hours, and I will try to make friends...offer treats and he'll even play a little. But it doesn't fail, I come back and he goes after me again.

Tonight was the worse. I had walked in and I wasn't even thinking about him...I was too busy concentrating on what I was carrying and keeping my pup out from under my feet. My mom opens the door he was behind [jumping and going crazy as he spotted me...really mom shouldn't have opened door if you want my honest opinion] and yells, "Benny don't you dare!" And sure enough he runs past her and nails me in the leg. This time I felt it, he had tore through my pants to the skin. If my pants weren't so baggy, I imagine it would of been a lot worse.

I can see where it is his turf [not that I'm agreeing it's ok, but looking at it from a dogs point of view], but he will attack outside the home too. It doesn't matter. He bites first and asks questions later. I told mom he's going to bite the wrong person and he's going to get put down. She keeps saying she's going to get him a muzzle. But what he needs is some serious behavioral training and for her to take some training with him.

Mom admits she spoils him. She admits there's a problem. But every time I go over, he is out and ready to attack. I don't know what I'm suppose to do here...dogs usually like me and I'm usually good at making friends with some time and patience. But it's to the point I will no longer go there unless he is locked up.

Though I know some may suggest a behaviorist trainer...I can guarantee mom won't do that. Is it unreasonable for me to expect the dog to be locked up or at least contained on a leash when I come over? It is very rare I stop by randomly, they all most always know I am coming. I have tried treats, and standing back...but like I said, he charges...bites...asks questions later.
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