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Old 05-08-2013, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Aleron View Post
Well there's this breeder:

That is the breeder I'd go to if I decided I wanted another Collie, if they were willing to sell to someone in the US. IME it is very hard to find Collies with much "oomph", which is why I never got another one. My Collie was awesome and fun loving and fairly drivey. I could never understand why performance people would make comments about how drivey he was because I thought that's just how Collies were. Then I started looking for another one and couldn't really find what I was looking for in temperament or really looks. FWIW mine was from a pet "BYB", who didn't show or breed for the ring.

That said, I still think they're a wonderful breed. Most are willing to do stuff and very trainable, even if they aren't all that driven. They are awesome family dogs, great with kids, great with other dogs, great with people, great house dogs - can chill out or be ready to play depending on what you want. And they're silly That is most Collies IME, they are nice dogs and I often suggest them for people looking for a large-ish, biddable family dog that they don't have to worry about being too quirky. But most are really laid back, lower drive and yeah...not much "oomph". They just aren't quite what I want in a dog for myself.
I was going to make a Collie thread but I think I already know the answers. Glad to see someone has had similar experiences.

I keep thinking I want a Collie and then I come to the conclusion you did, with pretty low drive. There is a Rough in my ob class and she does great with that, but certainly wouldn't push it around an agility ring or anything. My boss has a Rough too that is much uh..bouncier?.. but still doesn't have the intensity I prefer. I think that's what bothers me about them, they don't have 'edge' or intensity. Great dogs though. I suppose an adult rescue/rehome would be an option but there isn't many. Most of what's in rescue is blind/deaf/seniors. Not that that's bad, but not really what I would look for myself at this point.

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