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Old 05-06-2013, 06:33 PM
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Default A Good Old Catch 22 for Discussion

Open for discussion:

My friends essentially had a mini-intervention on me when they discovered how little water I drink. All right, so maybe not actually an intervention, but they did freak out a little and act as if they'd never heard of something so abnormal in their lives.

I regularly go for a few days without drinking more than a few sips of liquid. I eat a lot of fruit, raw vegetables, and other moisture rich foods, which is probably what has kept me alive for 21 years... but I just don't get the compulsion to drink water regularly. When I hike, when I run, when I'm on my feet outside in the summer - sure, I get thirsty like any other person. But just day to day, not so much. Trying to chug down water when I'm not thirsty is an absolute pain and makes my stomach hurt (probably a placebo effect from my mental irritation, but still).

But alas, after my "intervention" I decided that I should at least try to change my ways. I'm pretty chronically tired in the evenings even after sleeping for 8-10 hours nights in a row... I have low blood pressure. I get dizzy sometimes and have orthostatic hypotension when I stand up occasionally. And to go into the TMI, let's just say my pee doesn't look like sprite. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that I'm probably chronically dehydrated.

Now the catch 22. I don't like water really, but I need to drink something as was made evidently apparent two days ago. Yet I really don't want to substitute water intake for something unhealthy. I like fruity drinks, but don't like the exorbitant amount of sugar per serving, especially since I already eat a ton of fruit. Yet "sugar free" drinks and drink additives freak me out. No way in hell will I drink soda more than a sip if it's offered at a party. Milk is yummy occasionally, but it can't be my staple fluid. I like decaf tea, but not enough to want to drink more than a cup of it a day.

I bought myself some crystal light liquid additive to add to water and it is very yummy, but alas, it's a sugarless sweetener which really isn't my ideal. I know I *should* just suck it up and drink 8 glasses of water a day. But I've known that I *should* be doing this for years and yet I probably average out to .5-1 cups per day. Yesterday I actually drank like 5 cups of the sweetened water (yay!) but HOLY CRAP how are you supposed to function - I felt like I water faucet - I had to pee like every 30 minutes.

What to do, what to do?

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