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Old 05-02-2013, 11:16 AM
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Default It's Zeus....again *sigh*

These last 3 weeks have been a doozie. My mother in law has passed in Ohio and it was a 3 week process. I live in Alabama so we had to travel to Ohio 3 times in 3 weeks to square everything away. We own our own business, and are a sole proprietor so we had to keep returning.

Our son was in charge of our dogs. He works full time and doesnt live at home anymore so the dogs had alot of down time while we were gone. But he managed to fit them in his schedule the best that he could. They got fed & let out & watered.

Problem: One of those nasty feral cats had gotten in our front fenced yard one night. Of course, my dogs hate cats and will kill them. It was about 10:30pm, and he let the dogs out. The cat must have been hiding under the porch because that's where evidence is that the catch started. When my son ran out the door, Zeus had the cat----this happened within seconds, very fast....and he tried to call Zeus and everything he could to get Zeus off the cat. Finally he had to pull Zeus by the collar, and practically drag him inside off the cat.

That night Zeus was fine. The next day, Zeus barked at everything and was fine. That night, when we returned home, Zeus has lost his voice. His horrible hound dog barked turned into a walrus sounding "oof". The next morning, no voice, just a squeak and it sounds like he is whispering.

I called the vet, they said he could have worn his voice out because he screams and screeches when he gets ahold of a cat. Give him a day or two. 2 days later-no voice. I take him to the vet...just in case somethings in his throat.....nothing. No swelling. He is eating. He is breathing. He is happy. He seems perfectly fine. He still tries to bark at the cats when he sees them...but whispers.

A week tomorrow, and no voice. I imagine, if grabbing him by the collar caused any damage, it would be seen...right? But there is zero swelling. Zero marks. Zero anything, just no voice! What in the world else could be going on?? Any suggestions? 2 vet visits in one week, plus 3 trips to Ohio, I am seriously going broke here!!! And Google shows nothing!
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