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Old 04-30-2013, 11:10 PM
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If I need an actual vector, I do Illustrator. I used Corel Draw YEARS ago but, wow, it's probably been a decade at least. Illustrator is powerful and does the job well. It's just not necessarily intuitive (like just about all of Adobe's programs IMO.) if you want to do more than just basic stuff. It's not terribly rare for me to stare at something and go "crap... I forget how to do this." and have to Google for the answer.

If I don't actually need a vector... I just work in Photoshop, haha.

ETA, on the subject of replacing your computer:
You can pick up a powerful graphics-worthy PC for a fair price these days, a lot cheaper than if you went for a new Mac. And of course with a PC you have all the benefits of being able to easily upgrade pretty much everything. If you really like Mac OS X you can Hackintosh one.
The new 27" iMac is RIDICULOUS. We have one at work and seriously, when we took it out of the box, we all just stood there staring at it, then started laughing. I mean. Is it super sweet? Oh yes. Max RAM upgrade is 32GB, the screen is just massive, it's beautiful for graphics work! But RIDICULOUS! And, of course, it's crazy expensive (like all Macs are.) Avoid the new 21" iMac, you can't even upgrade the RAM in that one, boo boo boo.
You can probably pick up an older refurb for a good deal, but the problem with iMacs is that when, say, you hard drive dies, unless you have extended Apple Care, fork over mega dosh for the Geniuses to fix it, or are willing to open up your machine and start tearing it down yourself... you have to go buy a new computer entirely. And that sucks. They are WAY too expensive to treat them as disposable computers IMO (and Apple seems to be heading more and more in that direction. Boo, Apple, boo.)
The rumor is they're working on a new Mac Pro but it will be astoundingly expensive when it comes out - however, you might be able to pick up an older Mac Pro on the cheap from somebody if that happens, because there will be a lot of suddenly very excited creatives upgrading and ditching their old Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is a nice machine and when upgraded will serve people for a long, long time - I just know plenty of people really want a "new" Mac Pro, mostly I think because they want to know Apple is still interested in their creative professionals audience rather than consumers and prosumers.

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Old 05-01-2013, 11:27 AM
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I use Illustrator, I just don't really do much artsy stuff anymore. Going to school for graphic design and then getting a job killed it for me.

I realize they're more expensive, but I still love Macs for Adobe programs. They just flow better. I used to have Windows laptops to work on, now I have an iMac and a 13" MacBook Pro. Plus an older iMac, older MacBook, and a 15" MacBook Pro sitting around. I've started a collection. If you want a Windows machine, get one. If you want a Mac, but still want to be able to use Windows, get a Mac. It's much easier to install a Windows partition on a Mac than it is the other way around. I have Bootcamp on here for when I get super pissed at Apple's Xcode and need something that doesn't suck to edit my code. If you're interested in a desktop rather than a laptop, the iMac isn't terribly hard to open. It involves a lot more work than unscrewing a few screws, though.
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