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Old 04-29-2013, 07:50 AM
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Solo is a very friendly happy go lucky dog. he is my only experience owning a beagle.

He doesnt howl/bay much. only when playing with other dogs. or if he catchs a good scent. he loves every one he meets. and every single time some one enters the house he greets them with a hig pitched whinny sound and a toy in his mouth, if he doesnt have a toy close by he will run till he finds one then greet you lol.

I do let him offleash and 9/10 he will come back when called right away, the 1 time he doesnt takes a min or 2 then he is back. But I let him off deep int he woods with no traffic close by. He enjoys other dogs, to much, but cant tolerate puppies to much. anything under 6 months old, is not going to be his friend. my friends moms puppy who is about 7 months old has finally got a pass by solo, now they are BFFs

He is super lazy. blaze at 10 years old will run circles around him. but get him out of the house and he is ready to go, indoors all he does is sleep.

he is a food hound. and food needs to be away from him. he does "drive bys" as we call them, we will have something ont he table and he will walk by while licking at what ever is on the table trying to steal it.

TBH I havnt put to much training in him. as I dont find him hard to live with and training tricks and such is never my thing. he knows the basics and Im fine with that.

I love him to death. Dont know if Id ever get another hound again. as he was a fluke that I got him any way. But I do enjoy him. he is the cuddliest dog, such a sweet temperment. a good hardy dog.

I dont know if its common with beagles but he LOVES to swim. I mean he would sim for hours if you let him. its not uncommon for us to walk int he woods while he swims the river ahead of us just for the fun of it.
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