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Old 04-28-2013, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Danefied View Post
Love, love, love, love rhodies!!

I grew up with one, known a lot, and Bates' current BFF is a lovely rhodesian bitch.

Hiking companion? Check. They are very hardy in the exercise department.
Large? Check. Though know your lines, and know that bitches are going to be significantly smaller.

Endurance with off switch? Check. They're LAZY in the house. Though you have to survive puppyhood first to get to this stage, and puppyhood sometimes lasts YEARS.

Heat tolerant? Absolutely. They do very well in hot climates.

Protective? Yup.

Wildlife smart and outdoorsy? Check. It helps to bring them up this way too though.

Getting along with other dogs? Really, with halfway decent handling, this shouldn't be an issue. Ours growing up was intact and he lived with two other intact dogs, one a terrier. He never started anything, though if he needed to, he would put an end to things. He definitely could take care of himself, but he was never out to hurt or kill another dog. Once he made his point with other dogs, he rarely had to make it again. That kind of dog.
Bates' BFF has AWESOME dog skills. She's perfectly happy to correct dogs acting stupid, but again, nothing over the top, and she de-escalates very easily.

Training? They get a bad rap in the biddability department, but they're actually super smart dogs. Like annoyingly smart. Like figure out child locks on cabinets smart.
They're an interesting blend of a sighthound and molosser, so you not only have to make whatever you're training worth their while, they're not going to put up nicely with being pushed around. But if you approach training in a way that makes sense to them, they're very trainable. No reason why they can't be reliable off leash, and even compete in obedience if you're so inclined

Did I mention I love this breed?
All of this. Breed is on my major want list right now. They are absolutely lovely dogs when you're a good fit for one.
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