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Old 04-28-2013, 07:31 AM
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Default Found bunny nest

My dad was raking out the garden (not a metal rake, just a plastic one) yesterday and as he was raking he raked up some fur up and thought maybe it was some dead animal, so he kept raking on it, pulling up fur. Then he saw the babies, a little nest of bunnies in our garden. He didn't actually rake any out thank goodness, but he was very upset all the same. We covered them back up as best we could without touching them. One was very unhappy and popped up and down for a few seconds after we covered them.

We love bunnies, we get a litter or two running around the yard every year, but we've never found a nest. So now we're all concerned about them. From what I've read mom only comes by for a few minutes at a time, to feed and leave, to avoid attracting predators. We are worried though, because there was a dead rabbit in the road one house down. My aunt said it's been in the road for a couple of days, it's gone now. So now we're worried that the mother is dead. Is there any way we can be sure mom is coming to take care of the babies? Should we just leave them be and hope for the best? It's just sad because the nest is right in our garden, right outside our kitchen window. So if we leave them we'll end up finding a bunch of dead bunnies and know that we might have been able to do something.

We didn't get a super good look at them because we didn't know if they would get scared to death or something, but they had smooth/flat fur, we think their eyes might have still been closed (not certain though), their ears were held back against their heads. But one was popping up and down.

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