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Old 04-26-2013, 09:33 PM
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Default Talon's weight again

Went to the pet stores to get Temeraire (gecko) some food and decided it's been a long time since Talon has gone out so we took him. He did so great! He was excited for all the people, and briefly met a few dogs. He behaved himself pretty well. He even met a guy with an electric wheelchair, he wasn't even phased. He was more interested in siting next to it so he could get pets and then searching for food in the pockets on the side lol He's a pretty stable dog with most thing, very little phases him. Now if we could get him to stop barking at people when near our apartments, it's the only time he barks now. >_<

However, though he did so well, I'm kind of sick of "he's so skinny? was he a rescue?" T_T he is not a rescue, I then have to explain that's just how he is. Today I almost felt like I was being interrogated. I am *fairly* sure it was more just in case I didn't know and trying to be helpful, but it more felt like I was being accused of not feeding him.

I got asked about thyroid, worms, amount of food, how many times he's fed, supplements, etc etc. I kept trying to explain that he is completely healthy, but it seemed like she had "advice" about how I'm obviously missing something. >_<

It's not even like she was the only one. Every person that pets him has to say something about it. Yes...I do know he is too skinny, he's not kept this way on purpose!

Things I'm doing to help his weight:

-I've got him on supplements as I worry about vitamin deficiency.
-He is given a ton of food, but too much makes him vomit if it's given at one time, and too much but multiple times a day still gives him diarrhea, so that's not helpful. We've worked out how much he can handle and give him that.
-He get's some yummy meat balls (satin balls) as one of his meals to try and add some substance on him.
-His thyroid and blood work came back within normal range
-He has no worms, he's been tested a few times and we even dewormed him just in case.

He's energetic and happy and strong. His muscle's are really starting to develop and he is gaining a tiny bit amount of substance, it's just slow going.

I really don't blame people for being suspicious, but man is it getting seriously old. I wish I could take him out just once without anyone commenting on it! Is there anything else we can do, besides restricting excercise? I think part of the problem may be his sensitive tummy plus his high energy. He burns off most of the food he gets, more food means more time to move for him. Also, certain foods seem to give him a case of diarrhea.

So any other suggestions?
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