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Old 04-26-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
Like I said, I have gotten much more useful information elsewhere, I started this thread here in hopes of gaining as much useful information as I could, but instead there is three pages of snarky comments & personal attacks.

My opinions on certian matters shouldnt factor into the topic of inquiring information on a certain breed.

I would also like to see your psychology degree that allows you to say that I have severe social problems, in CERTAIN situations; crowded resturants, or supermarkets like walmart etc ... yes I DO have issues, BUT the last time I checked, dogs werent allowed in those places so I do not think I will be taking my dog there.

I was PLANNING on taking them to places where we could BOTH feel comfortable; Lowes, Home Depot, Petsmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, there we could be in a TRUELY pet friendly enviroment that is low stress for the both of us.
I have a psychology degree, but I don't need it to know you have severe social issues. YOU have mentioned it enough in that breast feeding thread:

Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
I was BF & I am not healthy emotionally ... Not my parents fault, they were good parents it was the school system that failed me I think. My parents tried to tell them that I was being harassed & bullied even physically harmed, but since they were smart enough to catch me on the walk home, the school told them there was nothing they could do.

It's ok if people (including those here) hate me for the way I am ... I am used to it now, in fact I'd rather ours dislike me because the. They stay away. I don't even let my OH get "that" close.
Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
Oh I have gotten dirty looks because of my tattoos before ... & two of them were from my own parents back when I first got them. But it. doesnt. bother. me. People can give me dirty looks all they want & dirty looks are dirty looks ... thereis nothing they can do beyond glaring at me, I just smirk BACK at THEM. I actually like that my tattoos offend them.

Its just not BF mothers (though I havent seen one in a long long time so there has been no glaring anyway) glaring is just something I use to keep people away from me.

Luckily I dont go into public very often & when I do I usually stare clear of people anyway. so the likelyhood of me noticing a BF mother is slim to none, coupled with the fact that this is a very concervative town & thus not many people do it anyway. I have not actively demeaned any BF mother because I havent been exposed to it. I guess its the thought of something touching me there that makes it so gross to me ... I dont even like my clothes touching my boobs & nipples, the thought makes my stomach queasy ... I just dont like the sensation.
Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
I don't consider myself sociopath just anti social. I'm not a psycho, your talking about me like I am Norman Bates :/ I never have not do I now have the desire to harm another person, I just don't want them around me ... In most cases.

I had a very tough childhood at the hands of my peers, some of it was even physical ... But most of it was emotionally damaging.
Originally Posted by Dogdragoness View Post
Yes I dislike people I don't like my own species ... Too many bad experiences my OH & I have had arguments in the past about being he Ben more social but it's just not my nature & now he understands that.

I guess that's why I always took jobs w/ animals & people who were also social outcasts. I don't want to conform to what society says is "right" or "proper" screw society

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