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Old 04-25-2013, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by RBark View Post
Jeez lol if there was a camera trained on me at all times the caption would be "most hateful man in the world" lol. My relaxed face is a scowl. I posted a picture once on FB that was me frowning, and everyone was alarmed by how angry I look in the picture. A few people called me scary.

I have no doubt anyone who makes eye contact with me randomly probably immediately feels self conscious or criticized. My dad had that effect, and as a boss, everyone who looks into the office when I am reading something or just idly browsing the internet immediately assumes I am in a bad mood and leaves.

Don't get me wrong, overweight people do have it rough. I have an employee that used to be 400lb a year ago, and is now 300. He said the public reaction was incredible, and he isn't even close to "thin" yet. So it gets propotionally worse.

I mean the stomach slaping thing. Is she really making fun of her? I frequently slap my own stomach when just idle. I also stretch, and do other really random things.

I do feel she is assuming a lot there, but I agree that this sort of thing *does* happen.


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