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Old 04-21-2013, 11:13 PM
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Question Huskies? need help for a newspaper article

Hi to all!

In a newspaper from here they have a pet section on sundays, and sometimes I send articles to inform people on pet owning.

Now I want to write an article about the pros and negs of the Husky breed.

I'm willing to do this to help owners and people who want to get a husky because is an extremely popular breed were I live, wish is ironical because the climate is average 25c to 40c or more.

I'm noticing that in newspaper adds is the most common breed who people report missing adds.

And what is more painful, is what a pet store employee told me, you see...

I was in the store and there was a family who had two small kids and a girl was holding a one month female husky puppy who they recently got, they were shopping for many things for her like kibble, bowl, collar, leashes, etc.. they paid and the family left, after that the employee (who knows me) looked upset and told me:

"Jeez.. those huskies.. sure they are way too energic and mischievous, you would be surprised to see how many people come here carrying a husky puppy on their arms, so happy and proud wit the cute new pup and they purchase many things for him/her, .....but after 5-6 months when the puppy grows big they become troublemakers, almost all the husky owners tell me that they destroy many things in their house, furnature, plants, jump to catch clothes who are left to dry in the yard!!!... and they tell me they are dessesperated to get rid of the dog, that they don't know what to do, they ask me if I know of a person who wants one"

I repplied to her "Yeah, that is because they are sled dogs, they aren't the average mellow pet for a home, they need a lot of exercise daily, they can't stand being locked in a yard...etc"

The information she gave me, make me feel extremely sad, people buy husky puppies because they look like living toys and along they have those icy blue eyes, then when they grow up they get rid of them or the dog escapes so I want to write an article about them and send it to the newspaper.

Take into account that I live in central america and many people don't have an education on pets, so wit medium and big dogs is very rare that owners take them to walks, also they are many feral dogs so there's a big chance that a male huskie will escape if he smells a feral bitch in heat, also nearly all the puppies are from BYB or millers.
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