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Old 04-21-2013, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Finkie_Mom View Post
YAY! Kimma got her NA title today! We are officially out of Novice. 3
Wooohoooo!!! Congratulations!!!

Originally Posted by Beanie View Post
Holy ballsy puppy Batman. I got out my mini a-frame to work on 2o2o with Payton. I have to disconnect the chains to get it to lay flat like a plank so I put P in a down-stay near the cookie jar thinking he would stay put. I had the a-frame out and it was low, but still probably three feet, while I was unhooking the chains.

I'm hoping that will stop as he figures out more what I'm asking for?
Ugh, Zinga pulled that s*** on me the other day too! She actually DROVE over the top (we've done quite a bit of lowered a-frame work), and nailed her 2o2o position, so I played with it a bit at that height. Ultimately I wasn't entirely happy with her driving into position, so we are back on lowered again.

As far as him pivoting, I would try placing the treat on the ground so that it's consistently in the same place and he'll learn that pivoting gets him nothing. If he's grabbing the treat from your hand, pivoting will essentially be rewarding as he's closer to the source of the reward. If that makes sense.

Originally Posted by BostonBanker View Post
Yay! Glad you had a good weekend. I'm sure they were incredibly grateful for the help.

I had a slightly bizarre weekend with my dogs at the AKC trial. Gusto was actually about what I had expected, or maybe even better. Both of his standard runs were a little disjointed, with a few "Look I'm on the table! Why are you over at that jump?" moments and the like, but he never once really 'left' me, or got sniffy or stressed. He Q'd both days in jumpers, and today's jumpers run really had me grinning. For the first time outside of practice, I really got the feeling that we were running the course together, instead of me getting him to the obstacles one at a time. He was seeing the lines and reading my cues beautifully. Just a little glimpse of all the fun we are going to have as he gets more and more experience

Meg was a raving lunatic, and I spent more time laughing at her this weekend than anything else. She adores this venue. It is really nice artificial turf, and nice ring, great equipment. She gets in there and is beside herself with glee. My nine-year old grey faced agility champion, who has not NQ'd in about a year, came out for her first run practically vibrating. That double-leg bunny run as fast as she could, growling with each stride, butt tucked under her. I actually kept her on course for about half the course before she bolted past a tunnel and over the dogwalk to the finish, where she continued on and jumped the exit gate. She got cookies and cuddles and kisses and told she was a genius, because she is Meg and there are no rules for Meg.
Yay Gusto!! What a great debut for his first AKC trial. Yay for Meg too!! What a great weekend.

Originally Posted by Finkie_Mom View Post
Kimma and I Q'd in Open JWW with a second place! I was shocked we Q'd and even MORE shocked that we placed LOL. We were SO CLOSE to getting another Q in Standard, but stupid me put in a front cross where Kimma was definitely going to fast for one, and I kind of tripped her up resulting in a refusal. Then her weaves were icky so she got another refusal. So if it weren't for me getting in her way with the jumps, we would have Q'd. Weaves are just totally a problem though and now we have a whole month to figure it out.
Congrats again! What a super weekend!

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