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Old 04-16-2013, 11:38 AM
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Just to make it clear, I have no intentions of ever hurting my dogs in the name of "training." It's not even a discussion worth having and why I have not bothered to respond to the suggestions to do so.

Originally Posted by Gypsydals View Post
Beanie, could Georgie be coming into heat soon? I noticed that when the Great dane was here, shortly before she left (due to her coming into heat), the boys attitudes changed, Ivan was much more on edge around Peewee. And we even caught peewee trying to mount her.
Georgie just came out of heat about five weeks ago I think. Pepper is not due to go back in until June so we still have about a month before she gets close, assuming she has a regular schedule. Payton has to this point been very good about giving me signs the girls are going in, none of which include picking on Auggie, and he has not done that. However Georgie is Payton's wild playmate so I can easily see why he would be trying to do any kind of resource guarding with her.
OTOH it could simply be my mom, who has not been handling this very well. Last night she walked into the room and I had Payton with me, Auggie was in the kitchen, and she got between them - although they were about fifteen feet apart - and because she was "between" them, she stiffened and froze and didn't know what to do. That's certainly a good way to cause tensions.

Things would be easier if I were in my OWN house without having to deal with other people who are not as dog savvy, especially when it comes to a high drive dog like Payton.

Thanks very much Ado, that helps a lot.

sass, I did think about putting up baby gates, but I think there might be some barrier frustration if I did that (on Payton's end.) I could certainly try it and see what happened. I'm not sure which dog I would put where. Auggie would need to be gated into the kitchen so he can be near the water and the door to go out and potty, but that means he would be gated away from me and Payton gated IN with me...

Right now Pepper is the best dog in the house LOL. She's just running around like LA LA LA I'M PEPPER LA LA.

Question - up to now I have let Payton continue to stay out at night... should I crate him at night? They ignore each other completely at night, Auggie sleeps on the bed with me and Payton on the floor except for right after I get in bed and before I wake up in the morning. I am not worried about them fighting in the night but I am wondering if I should step it up a bit... until you're not being a butt anymore, you have to sleep in your crate?

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