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Old 04-11-2013, 09:45 PM
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So glad to see the happy news

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Old 04-11-2013, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by GoingNowhere View Post
My old dog (who had chronic lyme) would come up lame when it flared up, but it was more of a "stiff, everything is sore" lame rather than an "ouch, this leg hurts" lame. I don't want to generalize to if that's typical, but I wanted to add my experience with lameness due to Lyme Disease. It never made her hobble around on three legs - rather she'd just be very "off."
Here was Jackson, pitiful looking thing:

He was literally walking around on 3 legs.

Originally Posted by BostonBanker View Post
I'm so happy I can update this with good news. After recommendations here, I started asking around for rehab vets in our area, and came up with two, one of whom had some really good recommendations from other sport people. We went to see her on Wednesday, and had a great experience. Full on lameness exam with lots of flexions, watching him move, etc. She found a little bit of effusion in the bicep, and said she thought it was probably a mild strain. She also found the same spot of tenderness on his mid-back that the chiro did, and said that was often a trigger point for ligament and tendon pain.

She thought he'd finish healing pretty quickly even if we did nothing, but suggested the laser if I wanted to try to move things along faster. She treated both the bicep and the spot on his back, and sent us home with instructions to start letting him do more, including "run really fast if he wants", but to still lay off jumping/contacts for a bit longer. I let him go to agility, and just worked on tunnel entries and start lines with bars on the ground, and he was happy and sound

He's going back for another round with the laser on Monday; the vet thought 2 or maybe 3 treatments at the most would take care of things.

I'm so relieved to have him on the road to recovery, and we are all so much happier that he gets to run again! I really appreciate all the comments here; they definitely got me pointed in the right direction.

WOOHOO! Great news! So glad to hear it.
Brit & Jackson

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