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Old 04-11-2013, 03:43 PM
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Default At my wits end with 12 yr old AHT

Short version: acquired dog from friend of a friend. Was supposed to simply keep her safe for a week as they moved. They never came back for her and have disappeared off the face of the earth. It has been 18 months. This dog is the worst animal Ihave ever had the pleasure of owning. 12 year old American hairless terrier who speent her life producing byb AHTs for previous owner. This dog is so extremely people aggressive that it is scary. She absolutely cannot be trusted, even with people she has seen hundreds of times no matter where she is at. Crating her keeps people safe but she will 100 percent of the time injure herself in the crate trying to escape it while screaming at the top of her not insignificant lungs. When released from crate she will launch herself violently at the door and injure herself. I have tried literally everything under the sun to get her to behave while confined and after release. Nothing has made the slightest improvement. I am so tired of dealing with her nonsense Iam ready to PTS. Husband will not go for that option. I am sick of her vet bills from injuring herself' sick of her destroying things and.sick of her screaming when I have company. I certainly can not place her with another person and after a year and a half of working with her every single day with no improvement I am ready to call it quits. Open to suggestions for last ditch efforts to train her before Imake an appointment to PTS. Have tried NILIF, started crate training from scratch, drugs, pheromones, shock/vibe/ citronella collars, desensitization exercises, etc.
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