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Old 04-02-2013, 01:05 AM
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Daisy and I had our issues bonding. She's not an easy dog to get close to. Even with the family she is standoffish and doesn't like to be pet much. She was a cute puppy, but didn't become the dog I wanted, and I had to learn to live with that. We have an understanding now.

With Opie, when I knew him, it was love at first sight--on my side. Opie had to gradually learn to trust me, but once he did our bond was strong. That's the way it is with the guardian breeds. You have to earn their trust. I hope he's doing ok with the people who adopted him.
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Old 04-02-2013, 09:04 PM
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OC was love at first sight, he always followed me everywhere and had terrible separation anxiety as a pup (regardless if other people or dogs were with him)

Ronan took time, hes friendly but has this aura of "i spent my first year of life more in the wild than at home, i dont need you to survive". Which is true since i didnt get him till he was 2. Once he realized i was channeling his energy into something he loved (dogsledding) we connected.

With Obi, we didnt connect till halfway through this past season. I only just got him last year as a 3 year old. When training started, he did his job but something was lacking. Then one day we took off on a training run and all of a sudden he was working WITH me, not just for me. He was putting his all into it! He usnt much of a lead dog but he is a real power house in the team. I really notice when hes not on the team. Hes that dog that you kinda forget about cause hes just always doing so good!

With Vix, she was my girl at 3 days old and irs only gotten "worse". She is so tightly bonded to me that i can not loan her out to other teams. If she isnt with me daily she becomes quite the handful. I loaned her to a friend for a few days and by the third day she wasnt listening, she would pick fights with her team mates qnd over all was just a pain. For me, shes my main lead dog! Lol

With Lycan, he is exhuberantly happy to see everybody and loves them all equally. Hes not really "bonded" with anyone, or dog. He plays with Vix a lot who is his dogyard neighbour but hes just as happy to play with anyone else. Hes just a big happy boy! Nothing upsets him!

Cant wait to see the personality of my new pup! I picked her for her structure and genetics, no idea what her personality is like besides being friendly qnd bouncy

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