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Old 03-21-2013, 06:31 AM
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Default Breeds for me

I know you guys are good at picking breeds for people, and I've never had it done for me, and as I've not met many different dog breeds, maybe you can help me out

I was convinced my next dog would be a Cocker Spaniel, but maybe you guys can help me out with others that may suit.

Anyway. This is what I want...
  • Around 20kg or under in weight. I think that's around 45 pounds.
  • Medium to long hair, but not one that needs to visit a groomer every month. A few times a year is OK.
  • A breed that will be happy with about 1hr 30 mins walking in the afternoon, 30-45mins at night, and all that can be off lead if the dog beahved We also have unlimited access to fields, the beach etc, where we can go anytime for free running and play.
  • Something that's good with dogs, cats, and preferably something easily trained not to want to kill my bunnies (I've stopped the hounds doing that, so I don't worry about that too much).
  • A swimmer!
  • One with decent recall. Not one that's likely to be off like a shot when I let it off the lead.
  • Nothing 'delicate' that's easily injured (my reason for moving away from greyhounds). Something reasonably sturdy and tough.
  • Something that's reasonably easy to find in a rescue, nothing super rare as I won't be going to a breeder.

I realise some of these are training things, I'm happy with that. But something that's quite willing to learn, not stubborn!

I won't be having a greyhound again, unless its elderly (Todd is ideal, because he doesn't want to run anymore). I feel I can no longer give them what they need. I thought I would have Greyhounds until the end of my days, but with my issues still here after Maddy's death 18 months ago, its not fair to never let them run. I don't mind letting dogs run, but one that's not going to run so fast.

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