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Old 03-13-2013, 12:57 PM
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Question Freds limp - ideas/advice please.

I'm so worried he's done something permanent, which is silly because I don't even know what he's done.

Long story short, we noticed a limp at ringcraft a couple of weeks ago, quite significant. My other half says he'd noticed a limp on and off before this, mainly when getting up after sleeping etc. Not really noticeable, I hadn't noticed.

No apparent pain or injury. Even when we moved his legs.

Vet trip, spent time manipulating him and worked out its his right shoulder, he gave a yelp when this was manipulated. First sign he's shown anything hurts.

Anti inflammatories and rested for a week, no walks, out to wee on a lead. Still a slight head bob limp when walked up and down. Back to vets, they have said to continue with rest and drugs and reckon its a pulled muscle.

The only thing we can think of is we think he ran into s tree in the dark, but that was something like a month ago.

What do people think?

He appears to limp more the day after moving on it, which makes me think something is stiffening up???

I'm worrying and hope its unnecessary. Vet said we can do an mri scan if its no better next week but doesn't think it will show anything.
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