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Old 02-26-2013, 12:34 AM
Danson Danson is offline
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Location: Arizona, USA
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Default I need to know what had happened to my Dog

My dog just died few days ago. I would be very grateful if anyone
could give me some advice or some idea what had happened to my dog?
I just want to know the truth.

I'm deeply believed that my dog got a bone stuck somewhere
inside her body. Am I right?

Is it worth to do the X-Ray if the object is ....
i) a small fish bone or chicken bone about 1cm in length
ii) small glass about sweet corn and peanut size
.....stuck somewhere inside the body.

Is Emergency Clinic the best choice if anything like this ever
happen again?


German Shepherd female 5 years old
My Dog (Princess) Always in perfect health before.

On Feb/16/2013, Saturday.
After the dinner with some chicken bone. My dog (Princess) was choking about half an hour. Then she seems completely recover.
Next day. Feb/17/2013. Sunday
She's active and healthy as usual. Showing no any signs with anything. 100% health as usual. She eats only very very little food at night. But throw up all out few hours later.
Completely black solid stool. She drinks a bit more water than usual on this day.

The third day. Feb/18/2013. Monday
She's active and healthy as usual. I don't see anything physically strange except she spend much more time besides me. Touching me ( Now. I think she's trying to tell me something but I'm just too stupid to understand her body language. ) She don't eat anything but drinks double water than usual.
Black solid stool.

The fourth day. Feb/19/2013. Tuesday
She's active and healthy as usual. I started to worry but not sure if I should take her to the vet. She drinks more water and spend more time with me than usual.
I'm so nervous on this day eager to see if she going to eat anything tonight.
The answer is no. And this time is the first time ever I found her a little bit lose her balance while walking in the backyard.
Black liquid stool.

Fifth day. Feb/20/2013. Wednesday
I can't sleep at all last night and wake up in 4am and just sitting there besides Princess waiting for the dawn. I started to think every little things ever happened within this few days.
Princess can barely walk and it seems very difficult for her to support her own weight. She don't drink any water at all this day.
Black liquid stool.
I started Calling every clinic, asking the same question.
" If my dog did suffer from chicken bone and she needs surgery operation, Can you promise to finish everything in same day? "
Finally I found one Vet far away from me on bell road. But they promise they can perform full service included surgery (if in need) in same day.

First Vet ; Fifth day. Feb/20/2013 Wednesday. 9:40am - Heavy rain.

Assistant measure Princess's weight and temperature first.

----- Right after I signed the agreement to do the X-Ray.

Vet Assistant ; If the bone in some particular places, we can do it today. But if it's in some other places. Such as in Stomach or under. We can't. You need to make some other appointment with other specialist.
Danson (me) ; ( I feel faint to hear she saying that. But I don't want to leave and making dozen of phone calls and driving with a suffering dog under heavy rain again. Any way, this clinic seems very professional and got a lot of equipment. I also check it's reputation before I came. And their fees are not cheap. )
Well, please do whatever you can to save her.
FV ---- Walks in with X-Ray result. No question ask. Touch Princess belly for
few times.
FV: " Good News! " It's not caused by Chicken Bone. You see!! There's no
Chicken bone found in her body.
Don't worry too much. I won't if I were you. But she is very weak and there must be
something going on.
Danson ; What if the chicken bone very small and tiny enough to disappear from
the X-Ray result? Or else the bone already did the damage before left her
body ?
FV; I don't think so. If there is the bone. It would be very bright white. I can
see there's some light inflame in digest system. It couldn't be the Chicken bone.
It's some kind of bacteria or virus infection.
We will give her some fluid-injection to prevent dehydration. Anti-biotic (Amoxicillin) . Pain-relief.
And we need to do some more blood test.
Danson ; Well, if just some sort of light bacteria infection. How comes and where was the great amount of
blood in her Black stool?
FV ; Possibly there was some chicken bones stuck in her teeth. I already try to open her mouth and try to examine it but she just don't like it. I need to give her a shot ($80) to calm her down. So I can open her mouth.

Then the vet gone and the assistant came in showing me the bill agreement with almost $600 dollar.

I think this vet doing the right thing. I don't care the money at all and I can't say anything wrong with her. But
It could waste lots of time on fluid injection only. And all those endless tests.
Even though there shows none of virus infection. I think there will be more and more test up coming. I do
believe she will save her eventually. I can see she's so determine to believe that Princess was just some kind of virus or
bacteria infection. But I don't see any determination from her to finish all in one day.
Besides, I didn't tell the vet I already checked Princess's mouth inside out at home and found none of chicken bones, not
even any signs of blood.
At this point, the only thing in my mind is to leave this clinic as soon as possible. They say Princess need another
appointment on Friday morning. Feb/22/2013 . I say yes. OK .
I took the Anti-biotic (Amoxicillin) only for Princess and drive her all the way back home. Trying to find
her another clinic in the afternoon.
Amazingly, Princess seems a bit better and got some strength but walk difficultly in the room. So what had happened?
Maybe I'm wrong. It's virus infection just like the Vet said? and the Amoxicillin is working?
In fact, It's almost one o'clock when I got home. And I found it getting very difficult to find any clinic to declare they can
save Princess in same day. I also thinking to take her to the emergency clinic but I started to believe what the Vet said
it's only some light inflame.
I decided to wait until next morning if the anti-biotic (Amoxicillin) did work.

Feb/21/2013 Thursday - Morning
This is the longest night ever. For me and Princess. She's in terrible condition starts from mid-night.

She don't eat anything starts from Feb/16/2013. Saturday.
She don't drink anything starts from Feb/20/2013 Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the only sign I can see from Princess is death. She can't walk at all. The whole
body just lying there. Not much emotions on her face but only thing that I can see is pain and sorrow.
I keep watching Princess's face and it's the face I'll never forget.
Then I started to go another clinic who declare that they can perform the surgery if in need. I checked this clinic's reputation two years ago and it's the closest one. Only one mile away.
This time I also ask the price for euthanasia.

Second Vet ; Sixth day. Feb/21/2013 Thursday.

They did check Princess's weight. But no one ever check her temperature.

SV - Walk in. He need nothing from the First Vet. He don't even touch Princess.

Danson ; You don't take a look of the X-Ray. from previous vet? ( I already told him the previous Vet can't find any. chicken bone in it.)
SV ; Usually the chicken bones stuck inside body are very small. X-Ray are useless.
Danson ; So... What do you think? Can we save Princess or just put her down?
SV ; Did Princess ever take any vaccine?
Danson ; Few years ago. The previous owner did. But I have no idea what kind of vaccine it is.
SV ; It's very likely the distemper Virus. She's shaking violently. Distemper virus could damage
the brain and if it's chicken bone. It wouldn't let her suffer like this. ( She's shaking violently at that moment. Lots of liquid coming out from her mouth. )
Danson ; She already starving for five days and I hold her with one arm using too much force when I close
the vehicle door. I believe it's me who hurt her chest. She never shaking like that before. And it's the best prove there's some kind of sharp object inside her body. Isn't it?!
SV ; Forget about the chicken bone. I'm telling you It's not chicken bone. If it's the chicken bone. She's
too weak to perform operation now. If it's distemper virus. I don't think she will recover from it.
Danson; ( I can't control my tear now.
I'm crying is because I shall never let Princess eat any chicken bones.
I'm crying because I once believed the first vet. Even just for a while.
Now I'm making the decision to put you down is not because I believe any word from second Vet. But I do agree you are too weak now.
I cry because I didn't take you to emergency clinic from the very beginning.
I cry because I don't want you to recover any more. The only thing in my mind right now is hoping you stop shaking and suffering.
I cry because I don't want to driving you around and begging anyone to believe you've got a bone inside your body anymore.
Please put Princess down. Doctor. I just don't want to see her suffer any longer.
I'll sign whatever you give me to sign. Just stop writing and give her a shot. Do it quick.!!! Please....
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Old 02-27-2013, 11:37 PM
Danson Danson is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Arizona, USA
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Default Final

I keep digging many different infection that I can reach.
My dog's case are rare but I did found other dogs was infected by distemper share the same symptoms as Princess.
There's the possibility of chicken bones as a culprit. But I'm now convinced more likely my dog was infected by
Also thanks the comment from Dr.Kathleen , Dr.Harmon & Dr.Gaolin.

My final word is...

i) Never give your dog any chicken bones.
ii) Close and isolated area can only reduce the infection rate.
iii) Keep good communication with a good Vet.

To my beloved Princess. Thanks you all.
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Old 02-28-2013, 12:01 AM
teedub teedub is offline
Active Pup
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Sorry about your pup. Try not to blame yourself. I just went through a similar situation.
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Old 02-28-2013, 12:32 AM
Saeleofu Saeleofu is offline
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Old 03-01-2013, 12:51 AM
lizzybeth727's Avatar
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So sorry to hear about your dog.

I hope that you're not goo hard on yourself about this. It does sound like a virus that caused this; with a lot of viruses, as soon as the dog starts showing symptoms it's already too late to do anything, so you don't know if taking her to the emergency vet in the beginning would've even helped.

You did your best for your Princess, including letting her go when it was time. I hope you are able to find peace.
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Old 03-03-2013, 10:10 PM
goldiefur's Avatar
goldiefur goldiefur is offline
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So sorry about your dog. I have had two dogs die from unknown illnesses that I think they could have been saved from. I did not bring them in to the vet thinking they would get better but by time we figured out it was serious it was to late. I think this happens to quite a few people we just learn from these bad situations. I'm so sorry for you.
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Old 03-04-2013, 02:18 AM
Danson Danson is offline
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Location: Arizona, USA
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Originally Posted by goldiefur View Post
So sorry about your dog. I have had two dogs die from unknown illnesses that I think they could have been saved from. I did not bring them in to the vet thinking they would get better but by time we figured out it was serious it was to late. I think this happens to quite a few people we just learn from these bad situations. I'm so sorry for you.

Stool could be a good indicator of dogs health. If our dog ever in trouble, there must be signs. Hope we shall never commit the same mistake again.
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Old 03-04-2013, 02:21 AM
Danson Danson is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Arizona, USA
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Moving Forward...

I tried my best to believe. But there's something else is going on.
In fact, all the comment I've got from other Vet's through email communication is quite ambiguous and not clear.
The reason I was convinced Princess died from Distemper virus is because I did found some infected cases matches my dog's symptoms. Even though it's extremely rare the dog infected by distemper shows only two symptom - black stool and shaking violently. I did found one case online decribed by owner if it's description is precise.

Just got the result from the lab yesterday. Rather surprised......

So here's the briefing -

i) The First Vet - The clinic located inside a very huge nation wide Pet Store. Expensive, professional, well equipment.
( Princess - Diagnosis as Virus Infection Feb/20/2013. Wednesday )
ii) The second Vet - The regular Animal hospital lying on the corner of street. Claiming they can perform the surgery as in need. They charge regular price.
( Princess - Diagnosis as Distemper Feb/21/2013 Thursday )

iii) The third Vet - The clinic by Non-Profit Organization. Very professional, well equipment and the price is about 15% cheaper compare to regular private own clinic.
( Another lap-dog, Sophia lived with Princess for 4 years. She's not vaccinated as Princess. Same bed, same bowl. Same age, 5 years old. Feb/28/2013 Thursday )

I should take Sophia to Vet much earlier since she must continually threatened by those infections and distemper according the diagnosis from previous two Vet. But I was so depressed at that moment and this clinic by Non-Profit Organization are very difficult to make an appointment as well.
So I bring Sophia to this clinic in the afternoon on Feb/21/2013, Thursday. Even though Sophia looks healthy at the moment but I expected she already got some kind of infection just as Princess did. Especially the distemper almost like the Black Death among dogs. Even though she looks healthy so far but I don't expect too much and prepare for the worst.

Assistant checked both weight and temperture.

Danson ; May I ask you some question not related to Sophia?
Assistant ; Sure.
Danson ; If there was a chicken bone stuck inside the body and it lies parallel to the X-Ray beam. It could be very tricky to see it from the X-Ray, Right?
Assistant ; This will not be the case since we take the X-Ray from two point of view. One from the left and another one taken from the above. ( The X-Ray Princess took in first Vet for $200 but only one left view. I'm very surprised my dog able to get two point of view for $80 dollar here.)

Third Vet ; Hi
Danson ; Hello. I've got another dog died few days ago. Would you mind if I ask some questions about it's symptom?
TV ; I feel sorry for your lost. What happened to that dog?
Danson ; Princess ate some chicken bones few days ago....... ........ ......... ......... ........ shaking violently and liquids comes out from her month....... ................ then she past away.
TV ; What kind of liquid comes out from her mouth?
Danson ; It's clear and transparent, just like regular liquid from dog's mouth.
TV ; I don't believe it's distemper. Hard to tell yet but it's very likely something related to chicken bones.
Danson ; Well~~
TV ; What's wrong with Sophia? Is she healthy?
Danson ; Sophia looks healthy so far but her nose seems a bit dryer, a bit less energy. Sometimes her stool seems quiet normal but she got some black stool periodically. The black stool is just a layer of black thing cover from the outside. And I've got the sample with me here. This sample I collected in lunch time and leave it in refrigerator right away. Five hour from now.
TV ; I'm going to bring Sophia in for some test. The assistant will bring she back to you later.
Danson ; Thanks Doctor.

............. ...............

Assistant ; Hi, everything's done. Sophia is in Perfect health without any issues found.
Danson ; Really? Would you mind to ask the Vet again if she's sure Sophia she's not infected by distemper? (I'm very glad but getting little confused.)
Assistant back ; Yes, the doctor say she's 100% sure Sophia was not infected by distemper. If you still worry, we can send samples to the lab and it takes two days for the result.
Danson ; Yes, sure. I believe she's in perfect health but please send her sample to the lab and do as many test as you can. I just wanted to prove something.
Assistant ; No problem. We'll contact you in two days and give you the result.

So....hum.... I've got the final result on March,02,2013 . Sophia is in perfect health.
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Old 03-08-2013, 04:41 PM
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I just saw this. I didn't read the entire first post because I would get too sad. I got as far as day two of solid black stool. This is really bad! That means internal bleeding in the stomach. Just a guess, perhaps the bone perforated the stomach wall and had a bleeding ulcer.

For future reference, always go to the vet if there is black stool.
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