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Old 03-03-2013, 04:37 PM
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Default Breed Recommendations for my SO

My fiance, like me, is a huge dog lover. He's had dogs growing up, and when we get a place together, he'd very much like to have one of his own. (Don't worry, we'll stagger the acquisitions of my new pup and his.) He's not quite as breed savvy as I am, so I suggested we ask my forums for recommendations.

He's on the fence about puppy v. adult. He'd certainly consider, even prefer, Petfinder and breed rescues. However, a good breeder is a possibility, especially if he goes the puppy route. Please feel free to recommend breeds anywhere from common to rare.

*Energy level: Low to medium. At minimum, the dog will have daily play in the house and probably a daily walk, with occasional park visits. Possibly more than that, since my SO has been wanting to get more active. Plus, I'm very active with my dog, and there would be times when I would take both dogs out. When we're living together, he's likely to be active with me. But a more chill dog is definitely ideal.

*Trainability: Functional obedience is desired. The dog should be, without unreasonable time and effort, able to housebreak, crate train, not jump up or door dash, & sit on command. Definitely doesn't need to be a breed that is inclined to learn a huge repertoire of tricks, though.

*Friendliness w/ Family: He wants a dog that is affectionate with its people - ideally a dog that will hang out on the couch and generally want to be around what's going on. The extreme of clingy would be desired over the opposite extreme, a totally independent dog that does it's own thing constantly. However, the ideal would be affection without pushiness or a constant NEED for it.

Friendliness w/ Strangers: Not important; anything from super friendly to aloof is fine. The ideal would be pleasant, but aloof.

Friendliness w/ Other Pets: Needs to handle another dog in the house and be manageable with other animals. Dog doesn't need to be a social butterfly. Prey drive is okay.

*Vocality: The quieter the better. Alert barking and occasional play barking is okay, but chatty breeds probably not.

Coat maintenence: Not important. Ideally, a wash and wear coat with no grooming.

Size: Not important. Ideally, 35 - 50 lbs.

Health: No major health problems, unless going to a good breeder could mostly eliminate risk.

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