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Old 02-28-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by *blackrose View Post
I also think there is a difference between a mutt of unknown parentage and a first (or second) generation cross with known parents.
This absolutely make sense. In fact, we got Crystal thinking she was going to be a 70 pound German Shepherd, nope she turned out as a 40 pound Shepherd mix. The thing is, I'm not entirely picky. If I got a young pup, and it turned out it was not structurally sound or did not have the drive to do a sport, I would be entirely okay with having the dog purely as a companion.

Originally Posted by milos_mommy View Post
I don't think mixed breed is going to be a big deciding factor or not. Purebreds are great, but so are most mixed breed dogs and especially if you're not looking for a VERY specific dog to a VERY specific job, and have time to search around a bit, a mixed breed is going to fill any need a purebred can.

The issue here could be getting a puppy. Whether it's a purebred or a mixed breed, getting a puppy from an unknown lineage, or at least parentage, is quite risky.

You say you want a puppy because your adult dog might have an issue with welcoming another adult into the house. Well, what if you rescue a puppy and find out at 8 months old or 18 months old that she's developing severe DA? There are certainly ways to stack the odds in your favor on that...but if you don't know the parents, you don't know what the genetic predisposition to DA is going to be. Generally, I'd say it's not a huge concern with a mixed breed of type that's less prone to DA (say, a sporting breed or companion breed VS a terrier or some working breeds), but especially if your current dog is less tolerant of other adult dogs, it's something to watch for.

Has Crystal ever grown up with another puppy? How does she react if those puppies, upon reaching maturity, become pushy? Like if they try to hump her, take her food, or growl at her if she approaches when they have a toy or something?

ETA: you can certainly evaluate a puppy for tendencies towards DA or other behaviors....but it's not always easy, especially if you only get a bit of time to evaluate the puppy at a rescue or shelter - the shelter might "evaluate" them, but that's done usually by completely untrained, unprofessional people who do little more than observe how energetic or engaged a puppy is. You could call some local behaviorists and see if any who are experienced would be able to evaluate a puppy for you.
I totally understand what your saying, but I feel that is a risk with any dog. You could get a purebred Golden Retriever pup from a breeder, and that dog might still develop DA tendencies, even if raised with another dog. Not knowing the lineage (or only knowing part of the lineage, for example, knowing it is a Shepherd mix but not knowing what) is not something that makes me turn away from owning a mix breed.

Crystal has been with a growing puppy, from about the age of 2 months to 11 months I believe, and he was a pretty pushy puppy. She was fine with the puppy, and even upon the puppy getting bigger than her (she is 40 pounds, the pup got to about 80 pounds) she tolerated the puppy fine.

Originally Posted by BostonBanker View Post
Well shoot, I did everything people here always say is the wrong thing (got a very young puppy from unknown lineage for a sport dog, because my adult dog would easily accept a puppy into the house but not an adult), and nearly two years later, everything's coming up roses over here

The real answer is - neither is the wrong answer. If you really want this to be your purebred puppy from a breeder, go for it. Don't let the natural empathy you have towards rescues mean that you don't get what you want. If you truly think a rescue might suit your needs just as well or better, look around. Great sport prospects are certainly out there, especially if you focus on dogs who appear to be from particular breeds.
It is all chances. It especially sucks when people jump through all the hoops of finding the perfect breeder and the perfect parents to end up with a pup that doesn't fit their needs.

The thing is I really don't have a certain preference. Both have pros and cons that I've been trying to figure out, and one doesn't really out-do the other in any strong way. The only big put off from any of them is the cost of purebreds, but otherwise I'm pretty much on the fence. I've owned rescues, and loved them, and have never owned a purebred, but I love them, too.

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