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Old 02-28-2013, 11:30 AM
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Default Time sensitive cat question

Ok... So I'm sure majority of you know that I'm planning to fly Whiskey back tomorrow.

He had his pre-flight health inspection last night and was given the ok to fly and is supposed to fly out tomorrow morning.

Lauren noticed he started breathing oddly last night though. His chest was rising and falling more rapidly. She said he doesn't seem to be uncomfortable and is eating and using the litterbox just fine. Nothing else seems odd, just the all of a sudden weird breathing.

When he was little I found out he does have a heart murmor. The vet said it is super small though and nothing to worry about though they do want to check it periodically. They didn't mention anything being odd when the vet checked him last night and when the receptionist called me to get my payment information she said he did well and that the vet said he is a really healthy cat.

So I'm wondering if this weird breathing could be heart murmor related? Or... Could it be that maybe he was stressed out from going to the vet? Lauren also mentioned that he managed to get himself stuck in a plastic bag this morning and then ran around and the dogs chased him.

She is going to check on him when she gets home and we will go from there, but wondering what could be going on with him. Does it seem like stress just making his heart pump harder causing him to breathe harder maybe?

Like I said, other than that he is acting normal... Well normal for Whiskey. Chazzers that have met him know what I mean lol. But ya he is eating fine, going potty fine, nothing else out of the ordinary and this started sometime after his vet appointment which is why I wonder if it's stress related.
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