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Old 02-26-2013, 07:08 PM
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I have to agree with Boston. I don't react particularly well to a stranger jumping all over me, either. It's not unheard of for labs to be this way. From the other side, my dog is the sort who thinks everyone else is his BESTEST FRIEND the moment he spots them. But I've taught him to listen if other dogs tell him they don't necessarily want to get married before they shake hands. People frequently don't think to teach their dogs manners when it comes to other dogs.

Something that may help is to walk him on-lead for a while, maybe even in the doggy park, and if one of *those* dogs comes barreling for him, put him in a stay and just step in front of him. Stand straight, don't smile, and put your weight into your toes. Let the dog barrel into you instead. Your dog will appreciate the gesture, which says that you've heard him loud and clear. It will probably also help his confidence; he's no longer on his own when it comes to interacting with strangers. You're telling him, "It's okay, I'll deal with this because I know it makes you uncomfortable." A well-executed body block should take the steam out of the oncoming dog, although they can be pretty oblivious. Unless they're especially committed, they should decide it's not worth it to have to push you down to get to your dog, and they'll go do other, more entertaining things instead.

I think the thing to watch for here is that your pooch doesn't decide to be snippy with dogs who are perfectly polite. As long as they're respecting his space, you shouldn't see these reactions. If you do, we've got something else going on.
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