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Old 02-26-2013, 02:18 AM
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Default The Trip is Going Well. . .

Middie is enjoying himself; as am I. I'm stretching it to three days of driving - after the first 13 hours, I decided limiting today to ten was a good idea!

We went from VA to Illinois on the first day, and other than the novel experience of driving a 16' truck through windy mountain roads, it was uneventful. (Translation: nolu obeyed the speed limit for once instead of doubling it.)

Introducing Yellow Truck - I kind of want to keep it. So many people complain about how loud/uncomfortable/hard to drive moving trucks are, but I kind of like it. It's a lot quieter and smoother than my car, at least, and Middie absolutely loves riding in it.

Yellow Truck! by noludoru, on Flickr


IMG_9085 by noludoru, on Flickr

Illinois was gorgeous - all rolling hills and fields bordered by trees. I switched the GPS to "shortest distance" and ended up adding an hour to my trip in the form of long, winding back roads through sleepy little towns in the middle of nowhere.

Illinois by noludoru, on Flickr

We arrived at sunset and I met up with Beanie for Mexican food (NOM!) and met the Sheltie crew. Beanie is awesome, and I want a Sheltie now. I tried to steal Payton and Georgie, but Middie wanted to eat Payton. No pictures because it was dark and cold and there were five wiggling dogs to keep track of. Bring on the lynch mob.

Today was mostly spent in Missouri. It's hillier, was covered in snow, and had all kinds of fun signs.

Missouri by noludoru, on Flickr

We didn't take any breaks except for dinner today, so he gave me sadfaces.

IMG_9192 by noludoru, on Flickr

IMG_9149 by noludoru, on Flickr

And we got a super comfy hotel room for the night because of the impending Blizzard of Doom. They were very kind and let Middie run around in the courtyard for a bit.

IMG_9222 by noludoru, on Flickr

This is where he really wanted to be:

IMG_9223 by noludoru, on Flickr


IMG_9231 by noludoru, on Flickr

He's conked out next to me right now. The way he manages to sleep the whole day, wake up for an hour or so, and then sleep the night through is baffling. When I first brought him home I didn't see him sleep for three months.
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