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Old 02-22-2013, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by ~Jessie~ View Post
It sucks that so many things are over diagnosed. I sometimes feel when I tell people that I have asthma that they aren't going to think it's as serious as it is. .
I do think asthma is one of those things a lot of people don't take very seriously. I was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago, though I'm not sure about the diagnosis. It seemed like I had it for awhile. Started with me having bronchitis, and when that didn't get better and I went to the doctor, he told me I had pneumonia and asthma. (and I said; "I don't have asthma", and he told me I did.) So for a few years, it seemed like any time I had a chest cold, I'd start wheezing and wind up on pred. And there were a couple times I was just running really hard in agility practice, and needed my inhaler. But it hasn't happened in a couple years. I haven't needed the inhaler, which Tess recently chewed up, so I hope I don't need it again.

Anyway, when I was diagnosed and was looking it up, I noticed that it was something people didn't seem to think much of, but it actually does kill people. And certainly, some of those attacks I had were very scary (the night I spent using the inhaler every 20 minutes and waiting for my doctors office to open...). And I don't think mine was even regarded as being particularly serious.

I know someone who has a SD for asthma. And another person who has a SD for breathing issues, not sure if it's asthma, but interestingly, he alerted someone else (who handles him in agility) for an asthma attack. I'm going to admit that when my "asthma" (if that's what it was) seemed to be getting progressively worse, I started thinking that maybe I could at least train my dog to be a SD so I could take her on the plane with me. But I'm not so sorry to be able to breathe instead.
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